Saturday, November 8, 2008

Weekend at Grandma Moffat's

This weekend we were able to go to Jim's Mom's house and see the family. The boys did not have school on Friday so we spend all day Friday and most of the day Saturday with our family in Star Valley. On Friday morning we went up to Aunt Shelia's work to see the huge dump trucks that she drives. Aunt Shelia works for Simplot.
When we first got close to the trucks the kids did not know what to think. Madison did not want to get to close.
Miles and Marcus playing in the snow at the Mine waiting for the truck to come.
Madison did not know what to think about having to wear a hard hat and how cold it was. Even as tall as Jim is, 6'6" he can not reach the top of the tire. Can you image how fun it would be to drive one. Why we were there we saw a truck a lot like the one Jim drives at work just the wrong color.
This is the truck we get to look at. See the latter on the front it is how they get into the cab.
The kids had fun playing in a snow plow scope there. Everything is bigger at the mine.
Madison and Tucker playing in the playroom Friday night we had the typical Moffat dinner when the family gets together. Lots of great food and kids playing and the rest talking and of course . . .
Miles and Marcus greatful for Star Valley Snow. Miles says that he is going to move there.
Madison in the toy bucket.
Lexie wearing the witches hat Marcus and Cage having fun at the Family dinner
Some can even sleep threw all the noise of a Moffat Dinner
Uncle Neil and Clint getting Mason
Uncle Neil tossing Mason in the air
Before the Dinner Daddy playing with the kids
Madison Pulling Mason in the toy bucket.
The great Woman behind it all. In the 48 hours we were able to spend at Grandma Moffat's House we were able to see great, large trucks, Play in the snow, Have a typical Moffat dinner, Go to the mountains for our pictures, Have a Birthday party and lots of fun. We are sure greatful that Grandma let us come and play. We can't wait to come again. We have many more fun pictures playing in the slide show from this fun weekend. If you want to watch it it is playing on the side. Have a great day Love the Moffat family

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