Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Addition to the Moffat House

We would like to welcome the newest addition to the Moffat family. Madison Jr. Baby to Madison Moffat. Other wise know as Madisons Christmas Present. Born Christmas day in Afton Wyoming.
When we would ask Madison what she wanted for Christmas she would say a baby and a stroller to push her in. So with the Help of Santa and thrifty shopping we were able to make her dreams come true. Now all she has done since is play with her baby and all the baby gear that is required to take care of a baby. Her and Mason have fun playing house. We even have a High Chair in the kitchen were baby Madison jr sits durning dinner. It is fun to watch a child's view on being a parent. The baby only takes 3 minute naps and eats most of the time. Madison jr has been tosses in the air and even sat on. What a durable baby.

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Daddy turned the big 34 on Saturday. We celebrated Christmas and Daddys birthday on Friday with his family. Madison had lots of fun sitting on Aunt Brenda's lap. The kids enjoied playing with their remote control cars and running crazy in the gym.
Saturday night we celebrated daddy's birthday with a few gifts (mostly things he needed) Mason got a kick out of giving daddy long underwear and a razor. He also had batman cupcakes. Daddy is starting to feel old now that he is getting into his middle 30's Mason informed his dad that he was only 14 not 34. We all try to have fun and enjoy birthdays in our house. Some of the fun things we do when someone has a birthday is we decorate their room and they get to pick their favorite meal for dinner and have no chore to do. Daddy had to work though because it is a job not just a chore.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

Thought that we would wish you a Merry Christmas, Hoping you all had a great Christmas and did not wake to early. Some of us were up at 4 in the morning. Mrs. Claus did not sleep much but that is what Christmas is all about. That is why the saying goes, Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night because I am sure all will sleep well tonight. We feel blessed today with all that is going on in the world. If you all have time you can catch the slide show below of the Fabulous Christmas. In Short Miles received a Nintendo DS Marcus a Star Wars Leapster 2 Mason a Lighting McQueen Leapster 2 Madison a Baby doll stroller with baby and a homemade quilt Dad an invisible Dallas cowboys hard hat somewhere in Ohio Grandma A 3 piece rug set and a vacuum Mom perfume and roaster

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night . . .

Friday, December 19, 2008

A few presents now can't hurt????

Tis the season for Red neck Choir Programs and school Christmas Parties
Since school has started, every Tuesday and Thursday Miles has been going to school 35 minutes early to go to sing in the Breakfast Choir Club. On Thursday, December 18th the choir Preformed for the school. Miles in in the far back to the right. You just have to remember that we are now in a small town, and the the school is a little more outback than the Texas Schools we were in. But I can say that I think it is good for him to learn to go to school early. Kinda like getting him ready for early morning seminary. The wonderful music teacher even scheduled the choir to sing durning the classroom Christmas Parties on Friday. Making any kid who did not want to miss the party feel guilty for not going. But hey, he is trying (I think).
On Friday was Miles and Marcus' Christmas Parties. After hearing about the Halloween party. Mom (that would be me/Melissa) offered to Host the party for Miles' class. They exchanged gently used chapter books, filled stockings, played a few games, did a picture craft and of course ate lots of sugar mixed with a little fruit and veggies. It was a fun party. They all had a blast. The only thing missing was the parents. It is hard to believe that parents here do not want and make every attempt to come to their kids class parties and programs. In Texas we would have at least 10 or more parents at every party. The more the Merrier. I wonder how we can get more parents involved?
Before Miles' class party I was able to go and watch part of Marcus party. At least a few parents did show up to watch. The Teacher did this one. The parties over lapped so I was unable to Host Marcus' party. I am hoping to help out with the Valentine Party.
After school was out we were able to do some more fun Christmas fun. We had lots of fun driving the town and look at the wonderful Christmas Lights. We have found 4 great houses. We plan on going back tomorrow night and take some pictures. After warming up with some Hot Cocoa we opened some of our wonderful presents from the Hungerford side of the family. We figures since we were going to Jim's mom's house this year that we would open some of the family gifts early and enjoy them now, as it is hard to bring them all with us. The kids had a great night playing with their new toys. We had a hard time getting Madison out of her Tutu. They all had fun playing darts and running the remote control car around. We even danced to Mason playing the guitar. What a fun night.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Tis the Season for Traditions

Another Moffat family Christmas Tradition. In our home along with many American homes we love to try to cramp into less than one month a year worth of tradition. We love to make Gingerbread houses out of Graham crackers. Every year it is fun to see the kids minds turn on to what they are going to make. We ask you all to, before you scroll to the bottom of the page, who's house is who's. It might suprise you. Mom, Miles, Mason, Marcus Madison. We would love to hear if you were right on or if you missed one or two. O OO OOO OOOO OOOOO OOOOOO OOOOOOO OOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOO 000 000 000 Have you had enough time to figure it out yet. Have fun scrolling threw our fun Family Home evening.
Were you all right??? We had lots of fun doing this. At one point we had sprinkles spread all over the counter and green frosting on the floor. But it is all cleaned up now and hopefully the kids banked the memories. Have you ever asked your self why we make ginger bread houses. This is what I found on the internet.

The Story of Gingerbread

Most early immigrants to North America came from Europe, therefore most customs are from European origin.

Gingerbread is traced to Europe back to the 11th century. Crusader returning from the Middle East and brought back among other items a spice -- ginger. Soon after, different varieties of gingerbread appeared throughout western Europe. The variations varied widely from sweet, dark, spicy, soft or crusty, the only common characteristic was the ginger spice.

Gingerbread, the name comes from the Latin word "Zingebar", and was not used until the 15th century. By that time, gingerbread gained great popularity, especially in Germany and France. Bakers in both countries formed their own guilds, which gave them exclusive rights to make and sell the bread. However, a law was formed which prohibits them to produce gingerbread at Eastern and Christmas ("Government Red Tape" was well established). This law was eliminated in the 16th century, because of the popularity and favorite attraction of Gingerbread Bakers at market places, were gingerbread was freshly baked. Gingerbread gained such popularity at the already famous "Christkindlesmarket", in Nuremberg, Germany, that it was called the "Gingerbread Capital of the World".

The first gingerbread houses were made in Germany. Children story writer, Brothers Grimm, made them famous in the very popular fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel". The story featured a gingerbread house, which was called "Hexenhäuschen", (Witch House. The story goes, which two lost children came upon and nibbled on the sweet gingerbread house, the evil witch caught and imprisoned them).

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas on Temple Square

Christmas on Temple Square
Now that we have the blessing of living closer to Temple Square, we are starting a new Christmas Tradition. We want to take the kids to Temple Square to see all the fabulous lights and the nativity. What a wonderful sight. We have great hopes that if this is something that Jim and I love to do, that our children will realize that Christmas is more than just Santa and receiving great presents on Christmas morning. But that Christmas is the celebration of Jesus birthday.
Early Friday morning, we departed our home in Green River Wyoming and headed out to Salt Lake City. First we hit my favorite store, Target. After I got my Target fix (since we are not blessed to have on in our area) then we headed to the JS Building and met up with Nana and Papa Hungerford and had a great lunch at the garden resturant. We attempted to watch the Jospeh Smith Movie, but with our sleep deprived children we only saw part. After some greatly needed purchases at the distrabution center, we braved the not so cold weather and headed to Temple Square were we were able to talk with our kids about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. We then were able to enjoy the presentation of the Nativity. Oh how it has changed. It is more life like than ever. Then kids were then awed with all the wonderful lights and how even the water had lights in it. After chasing kids, and walking all day we were plum tired. Madison was barely in her carseat when she passes out. Less than 4 hours later we were home. Tired but filled with a new love and tradition in our home. We were also blessed to miss the wonderful snow storm that started just shortly after we arrived home.
One day I might have a tree like this. If only in my dreams. This year we have named our tree the Hobo Christmas tree.
A good old fashion Morman Ward Christmas Party
After sleeping in and watching the snow fall we were able to attend a wonderful Christmas Party at the Church. The primary kids acted out the Navity. They even let Madison be an angel with her brothers. We had a wonderful host of Angels that sang many songs as anther person read the Christmas story. At one time Mason was caught giving Madison a kiss. Sweet inocence. Marcus, Mason and Madison were adorable angels Marcus and Mason wore there dad's white church shirts and Madison wore one of her cream dresses, we did not plan on her being an angel. Miles was a wise man, made from a green table cloth and a purple pillow case. What a fun night. Great food, it must taste better cold when you are at a church function as by the time you get threw line and cut your kids up it is colder than the snow out side.
We all feels bless to be in such a wonderful ward and to be able to live so close to Salt Lake with all the church history.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business
We always say it is a zoo around her.

Gota love Rachael Ray