Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To a loving Father and Grandfather.

It's hard to believe it has been a year this coming Monday, April 6th, since my father passed away. Every time I hear this song I think of him. May all our Memories of my Dad and Friend be good. I love you Dad. Love Jim

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thanks to all

I turned 9 on Monday. I wanted to thank all sho wished me a happy birthday or sent me a card, pressent or money. I love being 9 as it is one year closer to turning 12 when I will get the preisthood. Some of the things I got for my birthday was 4 DS games, a big Bionicle kit, $20 from grandma Moffat. A cool Science book and a Basketball tie. My Mom helped me through a great birthday party were alot of my friends came and we had fun even if we got snowed out of the park and had to crash McDonalds Playground. I hope all can have as great as a birthday as I did. Thank You very much for your love and gifts Miles

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Miles

March 23, 2000, Miles DeWayne Moffat Joined our family. He has been a one in a million. We love having him in our home so I thought that I would post to tell him Happy Birthday he is 9 on Monday. So if you see him or call him wish him a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Were oh Were Have the Moffat's Been

If you all have not noticed yet, we have kinda been missing in action. Our life has been off the wall busy with many things going on this month. From Super Saturday on March 14th to Mason's Madical Testing on the 19th to every day life. I will try my best to let you all in on the last month or so. I don't know if any of you have been in charge of a Super Saturday, but that was my job. After months of planning, the big day finally came. With little sleep under my belt I did my best to make it a day that all will remember. 6 different crafts, Blanket tying for service, Minnie class on Food Storage ( that included a wonderful skit), Lunch and lots of fun. The day went off and for the most part with only a couple of glitches. After the fun of Super Saturday was over it was time to catch up on all the house work I had neglected the week of Super Saturday. It seemed as I had twice the laundry and a empty fridge to fill after it was all said and done. After 5 days of catch up it was time to head down to Primary Children's to do some testing with Mason. With our 10th Anniversary on Friday Jim came with me and Grandma Moffat took Madison and Marcus to her house for a night with Grandma. Miles stayed with a friend as he had many test on Thursday and Friday. Between the computer problems and our busy life we have not found as much time to blog. I was hoping to put some cute pictures with this blog but I found out that my SD drive is not working now. One more thing that is not working since we got the computer back. I guess I will have to see what it wrong with it on Monday when I can call the computer guy. The kids are getting restles and are ready for a house. With many new houses coming on the market every day we are kinda waiting to see if a great house is found in our target neighborhood. We really do not want to leave our ward and would love to have one of the top school for the kids to go to next year. Why not want the moon if you can have it. They way the market is going I think we might have a good chance. We said that we would watch for a month or so and if the perfect house in our target neighborhood does not come on the market then we will pick from the over 100 house on the market. With any luck we will move in June or July with plenty of time to settle down before the new school year begains. With any luck April will bring on baseball season and spring. Two things that all and the Moffat house love. Miles will be playing in the Minors this year, and Marcus and Mason will be playing T-ball. Marcus was kinda sad as last year in Texas he played coach pitch so he feels as if he is going back words. It works out great for mom as I will only have 2 teams to follow instead of 3. Mason and Marcus will be on the same team. So may we all say lets PLAY BALL.

Monday, March 9, 2009

March Madness Moffat style

March, March, March. If I could have it my way I would skip March and go right onto April. On the first day of this month our computer went comput. So the Monday the 2nd it went to the Computer Hospital. We just got it back today and to find out they did not fix it all the way so we have to take it back. Besides the fact that I am being forced to live without my right arm (my computer), we have a realy cray month. From the 6th of March threw the 26th of March I have 4 trips planned for doctors, visits to family, Super Satureday pick up, and Denstit. So we had a fun week end at Grandmas (pictures to come when compter gets fixed again), Tuesday, March 10th I make a trip to Utah to pick up all the items for Super Saturday, which I am in charge off, March 19 we take Mason to Primary Childrens to get evaluated, March 25th we go to Ogden to get Masons Dental sugary. We also durning this time period have Super Saturday (3-14-09), Our 10th Aniversary is March 20th and Miles turns 9 on the 23rd. So in less than 3 weeks I will have drivin 1400 miles and tons of time. With any luck we will make it threw this month in one piece and ready for spring and Baseball season and a new house (keep your fingers crossed) to start. We all look forward to bits and pieces of this month. Birtdays and Anniversaries are always fun. But the time on the road added to our already busy life will be the hard part. Thanks to friends and family who have stepped up to help watch kids and make on of the trips with us. Without a computer the last 10 days have not been fun. So to take it back to day will be heart breaking. Hopefully the good old pen and paper work so I may get my shopping list and super Saturday list ready for the trip in the morning. May you all have a great Month. Like the saying goes in like a Lion out line a lamb. At least I think that it how it goes. To all that have blogs that I enjoy checking please email me a link again as all my book marks have been erased in the computer craze. Thanks Melissa

Monkey Business

Monkey Business
We always say it is a zoo around her.

Gota love Rachael Ray