Monday, August 30, 2010

First day of school 2010

We are all smiles and few tears. Today started very early in the morning or should I say middle of the night as little Mylee had a terrible belly ache. But I think mom sleeps the worse anyway on the night before my babies go off to school. All the worries about how their first day will go. I sure hope I am not the only mom not sleeping stressing over the first day of school for her kids. Today was a big day for Miles. he started Intermediate school. He left before the others were ready for the day. I am sure he was nervous and scared of the new adventures that await him I know I am ( but I will not tell him that). He will be getting his first locker and switching classes. I pray he finds some life long friends today. He is such a good kid. I will miss him and all his help. Today Marcus is staring a new school too, because we moved. He will be in 2nd grade this year. He has Mr. Timmons. He is excited to be the only big brother at school. I pray he sits and listens and makes some new friends. Today Mason starts 1st grad. He has Mrs. Timmos. He is very excited. Mom is a little worried. I pray he can keep his hands to him self and listen to his teach. We had a few problems doing what we were told that year. The are all ready. No I did not choose to match them they thought it would be cool. If they both wore "Big Man on Campus" Shirts. Mason with his teacher Marcus with his teacher. Did I mention they are also our back door neighbors. So if my little men choose to not make good choices they know were we live or they can visit with mom at the cross walk in front of the school. Madison was a little up set that she was not starting school today. She really wished preschool started today but she has to wait until next Tuesday. So we have a little miss attitude today. Demanding all. She just wants to go to Kindergarten. Mylee has no idea what is going on today. All she knows is that the house is quite now and she can sleep like a baby. Oh yea she is a baby. She still have 5 years before she starts. All in all it was a good day. Can't wait to hear from them this afternoon on all their fun and exciting things they did. Praying the day is full of fun and not sadness.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

End of summer fun

It is sad to say that summer is coming to a end. I can hardly believe that next week the kids will be back in school. The evenings are cooler and the sun sets before the kids go to sleep. Here are a few things that took place in in our house Mason, Madison and Marcus played their last soccer game. They all did great. Marcus and Madison really wear the stars of their teams Madison, Marcus and Mason had fun rolling backwards down the hill why we watched Miles at football camp. Yes that is right I have a kid old enough to play tackle football. I think some of the parents there had more fun laughing at how silly my kids were than at watching football camp. Who is this one. I can not tell. Is that bad Miles playing skins. He did not know what to think about being skins. But he loved the camp Mylee is growing like a weed. She is now in 3-6 months clothing. Her smile brightens even the darkest nights. She is truly a blessing sent from above. She loves her exerciser that mom got at a garage sell. I can not believe how much she changes every day. I am not sure who the kids will miss most on the first day of school. Mom or baby sister. I vote for Mylee. Miles has really taken a loving to her. It is nice to see his tender side. When you have lots of kids you do things a little differently. This is us getting ready to pack the back packs with the school supplies for the new school year. A great Sunday afternoon activity We had a wonderful BBQ with some of our friends to say good-bye to summer hello to fall. They have been great to us. Some of our kids were being stinkers so this is how Berry took care of it. Sometimes I think husbands are the next kids. Aubrey loving Mylee. All in all the last few weeks have been packed with activities and getting ready for the new school year.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Fun in the Park Mylee first

With the summer winding down, we have tried to hit all our favorite summer time spots one more time. So this week when daddy was off work, we went to splash park. This was Mylee's first time sporting a swim suit and trying it out How cute. I let daddy be the mean one and take her in. He was giving her a kiss for good luck. Ready . . . set. . . . \ GO! Lets take it slow. First the hand and now the foot. No tears yet. Now the head. Thank goodness for the flower it helped keep it out of her eyes. all the way under. Some faces but no tears. Love this face All done time to warm up Making a little fist. I wonder if that is a threat about next time "Swirly pops" Parks are the perfect place for them Hands on her hips. Every time Madison talks to you she has a hand on a hip. It's a girl thing. I have no idea were she got it from.

School count down.

As the summer winds down. The days are getting shorter. We are counting down the days until the new school year starts. One of our family traditions is to do a back to school fashion show. Drum roll please. Madison will be in her last year of pre-school. She is very excited to be with many of her friends from last year. She will go to school 3 days a week in the afternoon. Madison loves leggings and jeans with flare. Thank goodness mommy has a keen eye for a good steal of a deal. I love letting the kids do their fashion show as you get to see their personalities. I have no idea how Mason in a blue polo means doctor. But he was running wild in the house saying he is a doctor. Mason is a free spirit, hard to tame. He is looking forward to being in school with his older brother Marcus. Any thing loose fitting and easy to put on is Mason's style. Marcus is as wild as his hair is red. One of his favorite school attire is his new cowboy boots that mom found for only $4. The only problem is he wants to tuck his pants in. I am not sure if mom will be able to let him out the door on a school morning with the pants tucked in. Having fun during the show was what Marcus was all about. He even had some air on some of his break dance moves. Of course he is very happy about his Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt he has that his brothers did not get. Once again it is all about price and availability, another $4 find this time at K-Mart. Miles is the one kid who likes to look nice at all times. It is hard for mom to believe that he wears a size 8 in shoes. It took him a little to loosen up but then he had a ball as well. Miles will be starting a new adventure this year at Monroe Intermediate school. Mom will more than likely shed a few tears with knowing that he is leaving Elementary school behind him. He will have a locker and have 6 different teachers. They grow up to fast. Mylee did not sport any new clothing in the fashion show as she is far from going to school. She is sporting her PJ's that are almost too small for her. All in all the kids are ramped up to go to school and can not wait to make new friends. We will be starting school on Aug. 30th.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


When you leave your dog outside why your out of town. You better watch out or s/he might end up like Goldie. Skunked Goldie has had 9 baths in 56 hours. She has had more baths now than she has had the whole year. But I can say for sure. that she is one of the cleanest dogs in Green River. The kids joined in on Tuesday helping give her a bath. I think we are all done for now with baths. The skunks better stay away.

What do you get . . .

What do you get with 73 inches, 135 items and costing only $99.29 One happy mama!! Yes that is right. It is funny what can make a mom happy. After many sad adds. The big one finally came. I was so happy last night, I could hardly wait to load up my 5 kids and take them all shopping with me. So with my coupons in hand and Mylee well feed. We hit the road to Albertson's. After 30 minutes of filling the cart with all on the list and another 15 minutes checking out. We were done. All in all I bought 135 items, spent just under $100 and saved a grand total of $241.66 ( $19. 70 in coupons it pays to print them off). Which means I saved 71% or more than double what I spent. Being a stay at home mom, it is my job to make sure that every penny I spend is spent well. I think I did a good job today. We came home with 56 cans of green beans, 18 cake mixes, 12 frosting, 6 boxes of potatoes (which with coupons were free), 4 boxes of Go-gurts, 3 grands biscuits, 4 pizza crust, Chex mix, 4 fruit snacks, 3 cereal bars, 6 cookie doughs, 13 boxes of cereal, AAA batteries, and Tide. I think that is it. All in all it was all name brand and we got it for less than store brand. Plus the bonus is I walked away with 700 box tops for the kids schools. The only sad part of the day was Was unloading it all. Miles was excited at the store when he saw how much I saved but when we got home he informed me to never buy this much stuff again. What would I do without him???

Monday, August 9, 2010

Smiles and tears, plus the memories.

As many of you know our family made an unexpected trip to Star Valley Wyoming, to attend the funeral services for Clint E. Robertson. This was a weekend filled with smiles, and tears and we remembered him. Here are some of our highlights. Friday morning before all of the events of the day we took the kids to the Lincoln county fair. I liked it because it was free unlike our home town fair and the kids loved it too. First off we went to the Once upon a time exhibit. Madison loved it. The air plane were right next to it. Something for the boys to love. Then it was off to a magic show, which was better than we had expected. Then we went to watch mini-monster trucks do stunts. With out a stroller Jim and I took turns packing Mylee around. She even managed to take a nap. Had to sit in the shade as mom did not pack sunscreen on this trip. The boys loved the show. They would love to have one of the mini-monster trucks in our garage. After the fun of the fair it was time to get cleaned up and spend time with family. You have to love the sink baths. Mylee is almost to big for Grandma's kitchen sink. After all was said and done we went to the viewing and the kids were able as were we to watch a wonderful movie of Clint's life. We were able to share in the memories and laugh and the happy times he had in his short life on earth. Clint was really big on the demolition derby so the head of the precession was his derby car from a week ago. Clint is now buried next to Grandpa Moffat This was the flowers that were on top of his casket. The kids really loved the bear skull. The Funeral was the next day. On our way out of town after all was said and down we stopped at the cemetery to take pictures of Mylee on Grandpa's grave as she has never meet her grandpa on earth, but we know she meet him in heaven. All in all the weekend was a weekend we will never forget. As it is now engraved in our hearts. Our hearts and Prayers are with Cheslie and baby Gracie and all that are learning how to live with our such a wonderful person.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business
We always say it is a zoo around her.

Gota love Rachael Ray