Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A is for Adorable Madison

Photo Fun with Madison. When all are gone, the girls will have fun. Madison can get to be pretty moody, when her brother are at school and dad is at work. She gets sad and misses them durning the day. With in one hour she can go from play-dough, to babies, to coloring, to tears. She really likes to have someone to play with, when mom is doing the laundry, or cleaning the house, she is right there. This morning we decided to get all dolled up and had a little photo shoot for fun. Madison is so proud of her new hair cut so we curled it, and she put on her boots , that she always has to were. Madison loves boots, they are like the winter sandle.
Today, it seems like playgroup could not come fast enough. We dropped the kids off at school @ 8:30 and then we came home and first she played with play dough and then it was too sticky, so then we went on to Moon Sand, and then she helped mom fold laundary, then she was with her babies and then with mom. By 9:30 I was ready to leave for Play group but we still had 30 minutes so Madison won and Mom stopped folding and gave Madison all of her attention. We went in and curled hair and put on some pretend make up, had a mini photo shoot and went on to play group. It is almost like durning the day I have a only child. Now I know why people have more than one kid. They need a play mate, but what do you do with the youngest.
To help Madison get away from her mom a little bit more we are thinking of putting her in Preschool 2 times a week so she can have other kids around her. We will have to see if she likes it. Maybe mom will finly get all the laundary folded.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Yes, Princess can have short hair!

After days and days of thinking it over, I gave into my husband. About 6 weeks ago Jim wanted to get Madison's Hair Cut. All we have ever done to Madison's Hair in her 3 short years of life is give it 2 little trims. Madison still had a lot of here baby hair. So after many days at looking closely at her hair after I did it I gave in as said yes to cutting her hair, more than just a trim. With Madison being my only girl I wanted her to always have long hair but the long hair had a lot of baby hair in it. So I agreed getting it cut off and letting the hair grow out together. So in the end she lots 4 inches on the back side.
We think that she looks great. She looks older and there is not a nest of rats in the bottom. Now she thinks that she needs to get a hair cut every day.
I can not believe that I cut my daughters hair. Yes mom did her hair cut.
PS here's a up date on the house shop. We have stopped the contract negations on the house listed below. The people would not budge even with it being on the market for the past 200 days. I am sure it will still be on the market in 90 days. We are going to take a week off and enjoy life and get our of our "funk" and clean up. Mom has not been in the mood to do much. Hopeful of sidelining the the house hunt maybe the house we have will get looking better.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Cross your fingers . . .

We Made an Offer. . . after hunting and waiting we have made an offer on a house that we would love to call home. Take a look at the place we would love to call home. Cross you finger and pray with us in hopes that this could some day become our forever home. . http://p.rdcpix.com/v01/l9c67ac41-m0o.jpg You can not tell much from this picture, but this is what the front of the house looks like in the summer. That is when this house went on the market. That is why we have high hopes of getting a great deal on it. http://p.rdcpix.com/v01/l9c67ac41-m1o.jpg This is the room you enter off the front of the house. It is like a large sun room or sitting room. It is one of 3 living spaces. I dream of having a piano in it one day. http://p.rdcpix.com/v01/l9c67ac41-m2o.jpg This is the living/dinning room. One day it will have to have Pergo floors and a new fire place. But will be a great place to hold LARGE FAMILY MEALS (like thanks giving) http://p.rdcpix.com/v01/l9c67ac41-m3o.jpg This is the wonderful kitchen. It is a little out of date but I love the breakfast bar with the 5 connected chairs. I also have dreams for this kitchen but it would be way down the road. It would involve knocking out a small wall and a large rounded breakfast bar. http://p.rdcpix.com/v01/l9c67ac41-m4o.jpg This is the washroom. A lot better than I have now. This is all the pictures the sellers agent took. I do not understand why she only took these pictures. That might be why it is still on the market. Which is good for us. This is a great large room in the basement. We call it the man cave. There are no window, Perfect for when Jim gets a new TV down the road. It is 18X24. This is the Grand master closet. It has 2 3 drawer built in dressers plus lots of storage above the Hang up bars. This is one of the big reasons we are buying this house it is the best master bedroom off all the houses. Most things end up in Mom and Dad's closet so it we can hide many Christmas' in this closet and lots of food storage space. This is the master bathroom. A little out of date, but once again it is the best master bath out of all the houses, some did not even have master baths. This is the first toilet that if have seen that is built for a corner. I hope we never have to replace it. Plus the show is grand with 2 shower heads. I guess that means we will be twice as clean. It even has a vanity for putting on make-up and hair. The last 3 pictures are pictures I took of the basement. There are more rooms but they are just bedrooms and a office. We are praying that this all works out. The kids love it.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Finding the "Moffat"

What's that Name . . . . It is always fun when you are on a road trip to find a family name on a sign or even a Bus. We are not on a road trip, but when we went to go swimming we found a school bus that has Sparked our interest. If you look close at this picture you will see that the bus has our family's last name on it. Even better it is spelled like we spell it. We have heard of Moffat with and "i" or and "e" or a double "t" but when you see it just like your family and you do not have a famous name it is kind of fun. It gets your mind working. Wondering some how if we are related to the people who named the County were this bus is from in Moffat County Colorado. This kids are excited because they have a long weekend. With no school on Friday or Monday. So to have some fun we decided to go swimming today after the chores were done. Madison and Mason do not adventure to far from the wall. They did walk out as far as they could do. The pool is great because it has a toddler area with a bar to hold on too, plus it has a very shallow end starting at 2.5 feet. Miles and Marcus go all over the pool. We had some fun playing when they brought out the floats. We look forward to vacationing in our town some more on Monday with round 2 of Bowling. The things we found out today is you do not have to leave town to see interesting things and have some fun. Let it come to you. By the way the reason the bus was at the Rec Center was because Green River Wolves is hosting a 8+ team wrestling tournament, I guess it is really big with teams from 4 states here. I am sure when Marcus and Miles get older we will be part of things like this. The kids had fun watching them wrestle threw the window. Marcus is the wrestler in our family

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The house we are going for. . .

With any luck, this will be our new house. It turn key ready. It is an older home, but is nice and quite large. I can only image holding large family gathering and watching the kids grow up in. We are hoping that the kids that own this house will accept our offer and let us purchase there childhood home. Jim is at least happy that he does not have to be dragged out to see another house. He is a man and men do not like shop and it is the same with house shopping. With any luck before summer we will be calling this home. By the way did I say it has over 3000 SQ feet and 5+ bedrooms and 4 bathrooms.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

AHH. . . .Breath of fresh Air

http://i161.photobucket.com/albums/t208/WingMan0519/funnystuff2/frazzled.jpg After spending this last week, looking at houses and thinking about putting an offer in on one, I think I am more confused and stressed then ever. What I have learned from house shopping is that the more you see the house the more you love it or the more you don't. All through the holiday season we watched the homes come on realtor.com and wondered what they really looked like inside. We feel in lust for one home with a nice kitchen. We went back a second time knowing that it needed some work but not sure how much. We still thought after the second look that this was our house, but after the 3rd we knew. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .That it was not our house. It needed way more work than we had in us to do. It needed the basement to be totally redone, it needed paint on every wall and new carpet threw out. Plus it needed another bathroom. This all rang to us to be to costly and time consuming. It looked nice in the pictures, with a new kitchen, covered porch, and landscaped yard. But in the end it is not enough to have a new kitchen, it needs more work and money than we have. http://images.ucomics.com/images/amuniversal/press_release/culdesac_cartoon.png Just like this cartoon, why do they have to hide a fixer upper behind nice pictures. I like this cartoon. Image what her mom was thinking when she made all the messes. Jim and I have broadened our search and and are looking at two more houses here in Green River and if it does not work then we will have to cross the line and go into the Greater Rock Springs area. Jim and I would prefer to stay in Green River because it is 20 minutes closer to his work, meaning that he has 20 more minutes to sleep in the morning and 20 more minutes to spend with his kids in the evening. So over a week it is 100 minutes and if you times that by 52 weeks it is 5, 200 more minutes so if you divided it it is 3.61 days a year we have with him every evening and 3.61 more days of sleep he gets. I guess only time will tell were we are going to live. On the other hand. After lots of talking and singing with Madison. I am pleased to announce that Madison had decided that she wants to be a Sunbeam. She was a little reserved about the whole thing today, but when it came time she when to her teacher and sat like a champ. She says she want to be a sunbeam. She was so happy when she saw me at the end. She came running up to me to announce that she was a good girl. The Primary president even came up to me and told me how wonderful Madison and Mason were. I don't know what happened. But I am very happy to say, that what ever it was it was great. Another week is gone and the Moffat's are conquering new things every day. I guess that is what we were sent here for, to learn and grow each and every day.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

House Shopping in the Wild West.

House Shopping in the Wild West. After Spending many nights dreaming of a house to put all our family treasures we started the great hunt. Jim and I decided that we did not want to move over the holidays so we had fun over the holidays watching some of the houses we like on the Internet. We even had the ones we wanted. Now we may live in a big state, have little population but house here in Wyoming, they ask for a couple arms a leg and your first born. Even if they have lost of land all around. Jim and I took a look at what we could have bought if we were still in Lubbock Texas and it made me cry. so we wont even go there (6 beds, 4 baths, 4 thousand square feet, brick, 1 large lot, less than a year old, great schools). That's why were are not going there. Here is a few of the fun things we found on our Wild West House hunt. http://p.rdcpix.com/v01/lb6d7cd41-m2o.jpg Wonderful Orange counter tops with brownish floor and very "Holy" carpet http://p.rdcpix.com/v01/l35d69f41-m5o.jpg Wonderful shinny black fire place with golden flying birds, this house even came with a green freezer built right into the wall of the family den in the basement. We also so many large dogs, Large Mormon food-storage rooms (we are in Green River Wyoming), We have concluded that people do not believe in putting carpet on the stairs. The one house with carpet on the stairs also had carpet all the way up the walls by the stairs, wonderful. We have found after swallowing what we could have in Lubbock, we found our diamond in the rough. With any luck we may get a contract on it soon. It has 5 bed rooms kinda if you don't need ceilings, and 2 baths, lots of mirrors on a wall and a large lot plus a metal roof. This is the house over the holidays we thought we would like. So unless a perfect house comes on the market we are hopping to place an offer soon. Take a look at what we hope to call home this spring. http://p.rdcpix.com/v01/laf05d241-m0o.jpg The best part is the new kitchen http://p.rdcpix.com/v01/laf05d241-m1o.jpg and look again http://p.rdcpix.com/v01/laf05d241-m2o.jpg If you would like to see more of this house you can look at http://www.realtor.com/realestate/green+river-wy-82935-1104283055/ So with a lot of prayer and luck we hope to be home owners again by early spring. PS there was only 17 house to that were in our price range and had at least 3 bedrooms ands and 2000 sq feet.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

For the Love of 1 pm Church . . .

With the New Year Comes, a time change at church and new Classes. As we all can say and I am sure many in the Green River 7th ward would say. Madison Moffat does not like 1 o'clock church. After a mini melt or should we say preview of what was to come, during sacrament meeting we went on as cheerful and Happy as we can to Primary. Madison turned 3 in November so she is now officially a Sunbeam. Between the time change (we are now going to church threw nap time) and the fact that she was a sunbeam and not in nursery any more Madison was more than a little up set. Now last night, in preparation for the kids new classes, we talked about the changes coming at church. I explained that Miles was going to be in a new class and that Mason was moving from Sunbeams to CTR 5 which means. We sang the song Jesus wants me for a Sunbeam and tried our best to make is sound fun. I thought that she was on board for this. Boy was I wrong. In sacrament meeting she was sitting on my lap and I whispered to her that she was going to be a sunbeam just like Jesus wanted. She proceeded to squeezed my cheeks and say NO he wants me for a Nursery. I then tried to bribe her with chocolate if she would try sunbeams like a big girl. One step into the primary and she was off running. She made it out the building doors. After I caught her I tried to explain to my extremely tired 3 year old that she needs to go to Sunbeams/Primary because that is what mommy, daddy and Jesus want here to do. I walked her back to Primary were my wonderful 4 year old was in the process of trying to explain to the Primary President that he did not need to change sets. Jesus still wanted him for a Sunbeam and not a "Char 5". So I gave him a hug and put him in his new seat as I still had Madison clinging to me as if I was handing her over to the Mafia. Her teacher (being an experienced mom and grandma) told me to hand her to her and run. As I attempted to hand my now screaming 3 year old daughter to her teacher and keep my clothes in the right spots (Madison still had a death grip on my shirt(which is kinda stretchy)) Mason ran up to me and grabbed my shirt and told every one that was a SUNBEAM not a "Char 5' Now he is stripping my skirt off of me as Madison is trying to keep my shirt with her. Thank goodness all of the younger primary is women because I was trying to straiten my clothing and dash at the same time when I left. Mason calmed down pretty fast when they explained that Jesus still wants him to act like a Sunbeam but he needs him to also be a CTR 5 now that he is getting older. He decided to lay down by his chair and fall asleep. Madison on the other had thought that all in our small town needed to hear her scream at the top of her lungs for the next 45 minutes, in protest of being a Sunbeam. Many times they came to me standing in the hall, were I waiting for them to throw their arms up and say "come sit with her", but they would say it is OK with us as long as it is OK with you that she is screaming. Trying to be the brave mom I would smile and say she has to learn sometime. As I then turn to my girl friend (whose son is crying in Nursery) with tears in our eyes we both say it is the best. We both new that we had to cut our strings this week. I just had no idea how hard it was going to be on her. Madison did stop crying, because she cried her self to sleep. She never saw the joy of being a Sunbeam. So now I am preparing my self for round 2 next Sunday. When I pick her up after class, she was still sleeping as she woke she looked at me and firmly stated "I am not a Sunbeam I am a Nursery." I again tried to explain that she will like being a Sunbeam if she just gives it a try. We will have to see what happens next Sunday. Both Mason and Madison sleep threw their classes so they have yet to experience the new year fun. I am counting down the Sundays to the next time change. Anytime is better than One. I can say that she has had the worst reaction to class change out of all of my kids. I have never seen a kid scream so hard in Sunbeams. In Nursery it is one thing but sunbeams is another. I guess I will be spending a lot of time on my knees this week trying to figure out how to help her. Any Ideas. Jesus-Christ-And-Children PS I think that I owe the teacher and the presidency in primary a King size candy Bar.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

May we all be blessed in 2009

Happy New Year Kids being silly why mom packs up Christmas
What a better way to ring in the new year. This year we had a wonderful New Years party. It was split into 2 days. On New Years Eve we went to Nana and Papa's house to play games watch a movie and eat, eat, eat. Then on New Years Day we all went bowling and had fun counting our gutter balls all of us except Papa and Jim they counted the Strikes. Instead of making New Years Resolutions we have some New Years goals. 1. We hope to purchase a home this year (even if it is a small starter home) 2. Go camping 3. Listen to mom and dad more 4. Get our house in order 5. Read the Book of Mormon as a family 6. Visit/see more family and friends Hopefully with this being goals and not resolutions we can accomplish them. We hope you all have a great and blessed New Year. We hope to see ya all threw out the year. Madison and Mason wish all a Silly Happy New Year

Monkey Business

Monkey Business
We always say it is a zoo around her.

Gota love Rachael Ray