Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Madison

Happy, Happy Birthday Madison Our baby just turned 3!! (yes mom is crying)
Ready to ride, if only it was not cold and dark out side.
Mom was busy with enrichment the night before and thus we bought a $4 PUPPY DOG CAKE AT Walmart. Madison loves doggies
Madison with her Rose Petal Cottege she is in love with it. She tried to spend the night in it on Saturday night with her babies.
Video of Madison blowing out her candles. For about 2 weeks before her birthday any time we told her, that her birthday was coming up or she heard the Happy Birtday song she would say happy Birthday Whoooo and pretend that she was blowing out the candles.
It is hard to believe that our youngest and only girl is now 3 years old. Melissa (me), I have shed many tears about our baby growing up just like I cried when I finally potty trained her. It is hard to see your baby grow up so fast. Madisons greatest accomplishments this year is that she is wearing big girl panties and that she moved from her birth place of Lubbock Texas to Cold Wyoming. We are all happy that our little surprise is in our lives. All Madison wanted for her birthday was a bike like her brothers. So for her birthday she has a new Dora Bike. Which is now in the shed because of the Wyoming winter is upon us soon. She also got a Rose Petal cortege because it is an indoor play house and mommy got it on a terrific sale of all only 30 dollars. Mom could not pass it up. It not only something that Madison loves to play in but Mason does too. I have great hopes that it will be very entertaining in the Wyoming cold winters. We thank our lucky stars every day that we have been blessed with a little girl like Madison, even if she can be a little terror every once in a wild.

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Monkey Business

Monkey Business
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