Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Slip and slide summer fun

With the temperature in the mid 90's we had to find a way to cool off. At least the kids did. So they had a blast with a double slip 'n' slide. Miles was missing as he was at the water park with his friends. Mom was trying to clean house so we stayed home. They played hard for over 2 hours. I don't think I want to see my water bill for June.

Hair, All over

Mylee's wild hair. Almost everywhere we go we get coments on Mylee's hair. How red it its. How much she has. How it spikes strait up. I thought I have had people want to take her pictures to show others as they have never seen a baby with so much red hair. I think she is just so adorable that is why they want to take her picture. And here is her progress picture at one month old. How much has she changed. One day old. I can not believe how much she has change. Let along that she has blessed our life for a month. Now only if she can learn to sleep more at night and keep her food down before she is 2 months old we all would be great.

Happy Birthday Marcus

It is hard to believe that my wonderful red head 'Marcus' is 8 years old. He can not wait to be baptized. As part of his 8th birthday he received his very own scriptures with is name on them. He was so excited. He was also very happy that his new baby sister Mylee turned '1' month old on his birthday. He feels like having her come into our family with ready hair was a gift to him as he really wanted another person with read hair in our family. Since I was taking their pictures the younger kids had to have their pictures taken with Mylee too. All in all I think Marcus had a super day. Nana and Papa came over for dinner and cake and he was able to score some great Birthday presents that even his older brother wants.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Camping in's and out's

This was Mylee's first adventure in the great outdoors. Moose Pond. We had a great family walk around a pond. The kids did not like all the bugs. The sad part was the only fish we saw were dead ones floating up side down. Something must have killed the fish off. Skull Creek. We scored camp site number 16. The one our kids really wanted. The Creek ran right threw it. Marcus, Mason, and Madison had a blast playing in the water. Miles was not really into it as much. Crossing the dam in the Creek Look how brave I am dipping in the ice cold water One did it so they both had to do it. The hike that never ended. Mylee chilling out in the camper why Mom cleaned up and packed everything to go home. What everyone looks like after a long camping trip. Sorry it is not better I was driving and just shooting at the same time. To get back to the in's and out's Our camping trip started off a little rocky. Fist I came up with the 5 kids. To try to get the site we wanted. It really paid off as we did get site 16. Jim was to be up there at 6 pm but due to some problems shipping his load he did not make it up with the camper and the food until 7:15 pm. Next we learned that it is best to make sure your jacks can go down before you unhitch and move the truck. Next we had the fun of watching the camper roll after Jim had hitched it up and moved it again to get the jacks down. One of those tired mistakes. Thank goodness Jim is strong enough to lift the hitch up on to the cinder-block. All in all dinner at 9 pm and bed at midnight. It was a long night but worth it. We could have let these little things ruin our camping adventure but we choose to move on and have fun roasting hot dogs and making smore's. Jim also learned that a 4 mile hike at 3 pm with tired hunger kids can take forever and leave a wife with a baby worried sick. Never thought that it was going to take that long. He was close to having a wife sending for help to find her kids and husband. I was worried sick that something bad must have happened. They showed up just in the nick of time. All in all it was a fun Moffat camping adventure that we will never forget. Mylee turned 4 weeks old and was a trooper. We look forward to our next adventure in a few weeks.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Relay for Life 2010

Nana and Papa walking the survivor walk. Another year of hard work and planning brought on a great Relay for life. The theme of the year was Celebrate more birthdays. So it was a party theme. The kids have come to love Relay for life and look forward to it every year. I hope that in one way they realize how important it is to find a cure for such a terrible thing that kills so many, and touches so many more peoples lives. I hope that they learn a lot from it and that it is not just to come and play. We spend our money here and not at the fair. The kids have a lot more fun in a safer environment, were the money goes to a good cause. Mylee even came and stayed until just after 11 pm and was up there early this morning. The kids had fun spending their money at the little games and getting prizes Some of the late night stuff was hard on the yonger ones. Thank goodness Papa was there to hold a sleeping girl. Madison made it to 10:30, Mason to 11:20 Marcus to 2:30 Dad to 3 am and Miles won and made it to 4 am. Mom and Mylee went home at 11:15. Daddy and Miles beat their old record at Frisbee toss and tossed it 77 times in a row without dropping it. This is what I found when I came back in the morning. Miles you can not see as he is tucked all the way in his bag. All in all it was fun and a went for a good cause. We can't wait for next year. We will have to see if Mylee can make it threw the night at a year old. I think it is our new family summer tradition.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our little Queen "P"

Our little cuddle bug. As she has a lot of gas she loves to sleep on her belly during nap time. Wow it is hard to believe how fast 3 weeks have gone. In the last 3 weeks. We have added not just one but 2 new family members. The kids had their last days of school. Baseball season ended. We had our first Hail storm in our new house and much more. As for our new family members. I think Goldie is doing great. She loves sleeping in bed with Miles. She has escaped a few times but has not made it to far. Her new favorite food is hot dogs and carrots a summer time staple in our house. Mylee is also doing great. She is growing like a weed and I do believe that she gets more kisses in a day than anyone I know. She can be kissed on the head more than 100 times in a hour if I would let the kids kiss her that much. Her poor head has had Cheetos', chocolate, ketchup and more on it from the kisser. A few things Mylee about Mylee She has grown 1.5 inches and has gained almost a pound in the last 15 days. She is now 9 lbs 7.8 oz and is 22 inches long. She is no longer in newborn diapers. Yes Mylee has even found her thumb. I am proud to say she is not a thumb sucker. But it was so cute and brought tears to my eyes when I heard the sucking sound and looked down and saw her thumb in her mouth. She spend 2 times a day were she is awake for about 90 minutes at a time. She also loves to make little "O's" with her mouth. We call it her pooping face. I will have to try to catch it with the camera sometime. We can say that Mylee has followed in the path of her big brothers and sister as she to is the Queen of Puke. We have nicked named her Queen P as she is a power pooper. Many times I hear her pooping before she wakes me up, She is a puker, and she of course is our princess. So she is a Queen P in our house. We love her. So if we have to have a little puke here and there it is OK with us. All I need to do is find some more receiving blankets as we go threw a few a day with her.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Meet the newst member of our family

Yes we are crazy. So not only did we just buy a house 6 weeks ago. Have a baby 11 days ago. But today we got a dog. I don't want to know what is to come next. I think I am good for a long break and no more big surprises. We had told the kids that after we got a house we would start looking for a dog. We had figured that we would not get one until August at the earliest. But if the perfect dog came our way we would be on board for a dog earlier. We new that the only dog we could get was a lab. A few weeks ago I was talking with my mother about dogs. She was telling me that her and my dad were thinking about a cocker spaniel, I told her about an e-mail I had received a few days ago about one that a family was giving away. Later that same day my mom called me and made an offer our family could not turn down. They told us how sad Goldie had been since Sinder had passed. How she was always happy to see our family. So they had decided to give us Goldie and take this dog or another dog like it. So after a weekend they found out that they were getting "Molly" the dog in the email and that we could have Goldie. We could not turn them down. Our kids new Goldie, we new what she was like and it should hopefully be an easy transition. So thus a dog so soon after a baby. You will have to stay tuned to see how it all turns out. Here are some other fun pictures from the last few days. Along with Goldie joining our family today we also tried to set up our swimming pool. Sad thing is Jim thinks it has a leak. I am praying it does not. We will find out in the morning. After a long night with Mylee last night Madison woke up at 6 am. Was dressed and ready by 6:05. I was ready to go lay back in bed for another hour so I set her up with colors and a coloring book. This is what we found when we got up 1 1/2 hours later. Another wonderful picture of Mylee last night. Oh so ready for a fun night. I can not wait for her to smile for real.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Boo Hoo Hoo . . . . .

This week brought a lot. It meant that our sweet Mylee was already a week old. I can not believe how fast time flies. It also brought the end of the school year. A lot will change for the boys next year.
From Last day of school and more
Miles is saying good by to Elementary school. It is hard to believe that he will no longer be in the same school as his brothers until he hits high school. What's up with that??? Mason and Marcus once again will go to a new school for the 3rd time in their short school life. They are excited and nervous at the same time. So as we said good-bye to the Jackson Elementary school and Hello to Harrison Elementary School. The boys have teachers with the same last name, Mr. and Mrs. Timmons. Yes they are married. On a side note they are also our back door neighbors. Which I think can be a good thing. Madison will be going to the same pre-school for one more year. She thinks that if she colors, draws and writes like a first grader then they will let her go to Kindergarten next year. No such luck. I don't look forward to the first day of school for the boys next year for this reason and many more. With Mylee turning a week old we are all adjusting to our sweet miracle baby. She is one of the best babies I have had. She is an answer to prayers. I thank the Lord every day that we were blessed with such a wonderful baby. She only really cries when she is hungry and never has a full blown cry unless we are making her wait to eat for an extended period of time. She is a gift to our family and we all love her so very much. I can't wait to see how she will change and develop over the next few weeks, months and years ahead. Also Sweet Madison, has once again decided that she can ride a two wheeler. She had just learned to ride at the end of the season last year. Only road a few times. This year when bikes came out she was a little scared to mount her bike without training wheels. But since she is a big sister now she decided she was brave and is riding like a pro. She is our youngest to learn. As big brother Mason is still not ready to leave his training wheels behind. Maybe this year. You never know. It is hard to believe how fast they have grown over the span of a school year. At the beginning of this last school year. We were a family of 6 with no idea or plan of a baby. We were living in a 1200 sq foot trailer. Now 9 short months later we are a family of 7 with a new house and new baby. The kids have grown and learned a lot over the last 9 months. They all did wonderful in school and have made their mom and dad proud of them.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Service with a smile

After we moved to Wyoming me kids were able to attend their first Relay for Life. The had a blast and were able to learn a lot. This year Jim, Miles and Marcus joined my mom's team. As part of being a team member you need to raise some money. They boys decided that they wanted to sell Soda, water and juice boxes to make money.
From Mylle's frist week and kids sell
So we decided that we would make some signs and put them in some shirts from years past and go to a local "Splash park" and let them try to sell some. It did not go over as well as we all had hopped. But they did not give up. They went across the street from our house and SOLD their drinks. They had a blast. Madison and Mason even helped. Madison more than Mason.
From Mylle's frist week and kids sell
They took turns holding the sign up. When there was no traffic they would ride their bikes around and watch for cars to come, then they would hurry up and get their signs up. They were so happy with how much they made they did not want to stop. Many people pulled over and just gave them money to help fight Cancer. I must say I am so proud of them as they are not doing this for them selves but to help others. They plan on doing it a few more times before the Relay For Life on the 18th. They are hoping to make about $100. I hope they can make it to their goal.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business
We always say it is a zoo around her.

Gota love Rachael Ray