Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Food, Hair, Talks and more

It has been some time since our last post. Here is a review of the last week or so. One thing that the kids love about living in Green River is seeing deer in our yard. This one Madison spotted as we got in the car to go to school. We normally see deer at least every other day.
Madison had her first talk in primary on Sunday. She was so excited. After practicing her talk over and over again. She was ready to go. We did a fun hair do to top it off.
Madison's talk I may be small, I can't even tie my shoe. Sometimes I fidget in my chair. But when I hear the Prophets speak in General Conference, I know what he says it true. Young or old, Small or big we all can listen to the Prophet's voice and do what he asked us to do. I know that I can listen and obey. INOJCA
I saw a recipie on TV and changed it a little to fit our family. The family loved it, it is easy to make and is very thrifty. So let me introduce you to Mexican Armadillo's hiding in the grass.
So proud of Madison last week. She went to the dentist to get a sugar bug (cavity) taken care of. With no gas or mom holding her hand she did fabulous. The dentist has never had a 3 year old sit so still for a filling. We are off to do the other sugar bug in the morning. Plus I am toying with the idea of doing a Hair blog as doing hair is one of my hobbies and loves. I think it would be fun and allow others to see The adorable and cool Moffat kid hair styles. We will have to see what comes of all of it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Madison Spazz and Hair

I thought that Madison looked extra adorable today with her hair done in X's and O's. So after she came home from school I asked here to let mom take some pics of her hair. She decided to be a spazz as she was tired and was not going to pose for the picture. So this is here hair as best as I could get it. The fun of having a little girl in our house. She sat threw it all and it took only 10 mins.
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Off and kicking. . .

It is hard to think that school, has been in for a week already. Here are some of the highlight of the first week or so of school.
Marcus with his teacher Mrs. Shears. He is likes her already.
Second day of school. Marcus and Mason both have the same shirt I got them for a steal.
Marcus and Miles walking to the bus stop. They were so excited about getting to ride the bus. I was planning on driving them for one more day but they begged to get to ride the bus.
Call me over proctive, that is what Jim call's me all the time. I let them walk to the bus stop but I met them their.
Miles a little embarrassed that mom is taking a picture out of the window of the car.
I parked up the road from the bus stop, just as I looked in my mirror I saw them crossing the street.
They did not want a picture of them getting on the bus, that is why it is not that good. Because I was holding the camera at my side and clicking it.
I must be getting old with 3 in elementary school. They did wave at mom from the back seat.
On Friday, the first week of school, Mason met his official teacher for the first time. He is on the phone with his dad, telling him who was his teacher. He looks so grown up.
Mason in his class room. He is so excited to be in school. He sits right next to the table.
Mason and Miss Lefferdink. Look how tall she is. At least Mason is used to looking up to tall people.
To celebrate Wyoming's win on Saturday, the boys were wearing their new Wyoming Cowboys T-shirts. Go Cowboys.
Sweet Madison on her first day of preschool. She has had her "Hanna Montana" dress laid out for the last week waiting for turn to go to school.
Madison was so excited about going to school.
Walking to school like a big girl. Such excitement.
Look at her shadow. Following her.
Standing in the door of "Young Minds Preschool"
Madison and Mrs. Kari. She loves her teacher.
Today was Mason's first day riding the bus. After a couple melt downs this morning, and telling me he was not going to ride the bus to school. As soon as he saw it, he was ready to go. He sat in the front seat. Looking so big and cute. I pray he has a great school year and makes many friends.
There goes my baby boy. Won't ever be sending any more boys on the bus for the first time.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business
We always say it is a zoo around her.

Gota love Rachael Ray