Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pictures in The Snowy Mountains

Miles 1
Kids 1
Kids 2
Madison 1
Madison 2
Madison 3
Mason 1
Mason 2
Mason 3
Mason 4
Marcus 1
Marcus 2
Marcus 3
Marcus 4
Miles 2
Kids 4
Kids 5
Kids 6
Kids 7
We decided with our family just moving from the great state of Texas back to snowy Wyoming that we would have the kids pictures be done this year in the snow to show the change of scenery from Texas to Wyoming. This is how the pictures turned out. Looking at the picture above the name and number we would like to see which ones you think we should print up and hand on the wall and send in Christmas cards. Choose one of each kid and then 2 of the kids together. Have fun with it we can't wait to see your input. We had fun with this.

1 comment:

Laura and crew said...

I like kids 3, but kids 6 is my favorite. Then let's see...
Miles 1 or 2, Madison 3, Mason 4, Marcus 1 or 4. Cute pictures...I love the snow!

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Monkey Business
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