Wednesday, November 26, 2008

And the Hunt goes on . . .

Tis, the Season for Christmas trees and . . .
Now that we live close enough to the mountains, we knew that the only tree for our family was a fresh Wyoming tree.
So we went up to the mountains near Mountain View, Wyoming and the hunt was on . . .
This was the first Christmas tree hunt for our kids. The last tree we cut down was in 2001, and Miles was not even 2 years old.
So we walked and walked, and moved the car a couple of times until we found one that was almost all green.
Lots and lots of falls, while we were walking.
Another one bites the dust. Madison fell probably 10 times, and Mason at least 5 or 6 time. Not used to the uneven ground.
But it was all worth it when you find a tree that will work.
Mason was sad because he wanted to cut down one that was about 50 feet tall. He was going to break it down with his big stick he found.
Daddy cutting the tree down with Miles support.
WOW, we did it!
Now it is Madison's turn to be grumpy. She wants to hold it all by herself.
You have to realize after having the perfect Christmas tree (9 foot floor to ceiling) for 6 years, it is hard to go to a mountain grown tree. Not from a tree farm but from Mother Nature. Our tree may not be perfect, but it is like our family. Unique in its own way. It is not too tall, as our house is a humble home, not too wide, but has lots of love from 4 kids who could not wait to bring it in and make it their Christmas tree.
. . . Next come Thanksgiving
Our family was blessed to be able to have Thanksgiving with Nana and Papa Hungerford this year. So after spending Wednesday cutting down the tree we went to Nana and Papa's house for a Thanksgiving Feast, of Nana's homemade butter rolls that is made only perfect by Nana, Yummy turkey, stuffing, Mashed potatoes, and the best sweet potatoes you will ever try. Not from a can but baked then piled and then mashed with a mixture of butter, lots of brown sugar and spices. Tastes almost like a pie, we have decided that this is the only way to have sweet potatoes. Nana also made her special drink and a great blueberry pie and homemade pumpkin pie. Plus the best chocolate cheese cake I have ever had. Once you taste you will not go back. Rich and creamy, smooth with a little texture. Can I say we had a feast fit for a King.
When at Nana and Papa's house what else would you do than build a train city. The kids played for hours in the basement with Nana's train set. They had so much fun. They even remember the junk yard and the dump.
Fun moment getting ready to go cut the tree down. Mason Loves to wear shades and I must say he is adorable.
. . . After Thanks Giving comes. . .
Black Friday graphic by purpleslog. After marking the adds and laying out the plan. We headed off early Friday morning 4 kids in tow to go shopping. First to Wal-Mart where the parking lot was filled along with the neighboring ones. After spending more time in line than shopping 35 minutes in line then we headed on to K-Mart for few door busters Were we found Nana and Papa and they claimed some of the kids. Then it was to the mall to get some warm blankets for the Wyoming winter ahead. All in all in less than 3 hours, by 8 am we were out of money and sitting in the McDonalds Playland letting the kids play. Jim was able to miss out on the fun, becasue he had to work. Being back to Green River by 9:30 (I let the kids play a long time, Madison slept for the first 30 minutes we were there). All in all this has been a great week, and great food. We hope you all had a fabulous week too. We also finished decorating the house for Christmas and the tree.

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