Friday, July 31, 2009


With having an amusement park junky for a husband with no doubt, we have to go to Lagoon every year. The only problem this year what finding the time. We new we wanted to go on a Wednesday so it would not be busy. We decided last Saturday that if we were to go to Lagoon this year it would have to be Wednesday. So with only one hurdle before we could go, Mason. Mason decide to get sick Monday night, so we had to wait until we new that know one else was going to throw-up. Thank goodness he was the only one. This is a picture of him sleeping on the kitchen floor. I am not good with puke so if one of our kids get sick we have a rule that if you puke you must stay on easy clean floors for at least 8 hours free of puke. So after throwing up all over the bathroom floor, I made him a bed on the kitchen floor with the biggest bowl we have right next to him.
On of Marcus' favorite moments at Lagoon was loosing his first tooth. Tuesday night he told us he had a loose tooth (it's about time, just a little later than most kids) after playing with it all day long at Lagoon we were in the line to ride a ride and mom touched it and pop it came out. The tooth fair even found him at our hotel. He is so excited to finally be able to say that he has lost a tooth. He has 2 more loose ones.
Even though he can ride all the rides in the park you can find Miles on his favorite ride, Bulgy the Whale. He had a blast riding this ride even if he was 2 inches too tall for it.
Ever since we left Las Vegas and the dragon ride there, Madison has been asking to ride the dragon ride, so she was so excited to find out that there was a dragon ride at Lagoon.
From Bulgy the Whale to the Sky Coast Miles did it all. You will have to ask him what was his favorite ride out of them. I think they might have tied. Jim and him did have a great time on the sky coaster. Jim likes the fact that he has a partner to ride the rides with now.
The were so excited to get wet, only to fall down the drop and not have any water on them. Their log was just to light. Should have had mom on board, because mom, Madison and Mason were wet.
Space scrambler. Mason and Madison loved to ride the spinning rides. Mom bowed out of this as she wanted to keep her lunch in her stomach.
Madison and Daddy Flying high.
Marcus, Mason and Madison on the Dragon Fly why, Dad and Miles road the big scary rides. All in all we road rides from 11 am (park open) to 9:45 pm 15 minutes before it closed. I would say they each road over 40 rides. What a fun family day.

Monday, July 27, 2009


In our house summer is spelled "C-A-M-P-I-N-G"
(the end of the Camping experience at Skull Creek Madison is super tired as you can see)
With the purchase of our first Camper a simple used pop-up camper, in Late May we planned to camp as much as we could this summer.
(Madison having fun throwing cups in the fire) Our first camping trip was to Skull Creek with Nana and Papa Hungerford. We were testing out our camper and they were testing out their house on wheels.
(the kids are having fun playing in the creek that ran by our camp site) This summer had a lot of first one of which I pulled a trailer for the first time. With Jim's work schedule I pulled and set up camp and he came after he got off. I think I did pretty good considering it was my first time. Yes I even backed it up into the camp site :D
Miles slipped in the creek. They had a blast in the creek. They even build a pretty darn good Dam.
You can not go camping with out your bikes. It helps to entertain the kids. They love riding their bikes camping. Madison decided to crash and burn her first time down the hill and skinner her Knees, elbows, toes, hands and hip.
I just love her smile. She has such adorable dimples I
(the cleanest hands in camp)
Camping trip #2 was to Groover Park in Star Valley were we met up with Jim's Mom and enjoyed a day visit from the Amber, Tony and Kids
Too tired to eat. Look close she still has her fork in her right hand. How cute.
The whole time we were camping Mason kept changing his hat around. He loves to smile for the camera when he wants to.
All the kids had a chance to shoots Daddy's semi Auto .22
Marcus shooting daddy's .22
Mason shooting Daddy .22 he loved to shoot it and watch the shells pop out. One of my favorite moments camping Look how Mason is trying to aim. At what I don't know.
Madison just thought that she was all that shooting the gun.
Daddy shooting his 30 ot 6 now that has a big bang.
All ready to watch people shoot. The kids had to stay in the back of Grandma Moffat's truck so we new were they were at all times.
Sleeping in the camper. Miles and Marcus slept on the table bed and just above them was Jim and Mason. Sleeping like babies. How can people sleep when the sun is up.
Madison slept with mommy on the other pop out of the camper. All in all the last 2 camping trips have been a blast. We have had our bumps along the way (like a broken crank on the camper, now Jim has to "jimmy rig it to stay up) but we have had fun. 2 down and 2 more to go. With in a 8 week time period we will have been camping 4 times for a total of 10 nights. Plus we went to Las Vegas and are heading to Lagoon tomorrow. I think this will be a summer to remember. If only we can sell our trailer and add a house to it then it would be darn near perfect.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Watch out Las Vegas

With all that life brings, in the ten years of married life we had never been on a family vacation, that was not to see family. This year we changed that. With a tight budget (less than 2k) we decided that we were going to spend a week as a family on a "Family Vacation" After spending 6 weeks in February pricing Disneyland and Disney World (they were way out of our budget) we settled in on Las Vegas Nevada. Hunted the best deal and planned, planned and planned some more for this trip. Jim thinks I over planned. We departed Green River Wyoming on June 28th at 6:30 am. 30 minutes behind schedule. Arriving in Las Vegas at 4pm. After a stressful check-in (taking over 2 hours) We were ready for our first stop. As it was Sunday we really did not want to spend money so we went to Fremont Street as it was totally free.
Fremont Street is a street in Old Las Vegas that they have put large screens over 3 blocks and do a show every 30 minutes. Jim said he loved the rocket on the show. Fun evening. Best of all it was free.
Day 2 Monday We went to all the fun kids places * I hop for breakfast (were most the kids just played with their food) *Mini Grand Prix Were the kids were able to drive go carts, a few rides and play video games. With the Vegas pass we had lunch here because once again it was free *Putt putt was next The kids had a blast in the black light.
*Then off to dinner at Planet Hollywood with the Vegas Power pass each person had $10 off so it helped out
This is a statue of Cesar and he moves and talke on the hour. Planet Hollywood the resturant was not far from this. With luck we saw the show. The kids loved it.
*Then off to the Adventure dome at Circus Circus By 11 pm all were bathed and sleeping sound. What a hot fun filled day.
Day 3
The Great Hoover Dam Inside the Dam were they make all the power
This is the new bridge they are building. Due to Sept. 11 they do not allow semi's over Hoover's Dam. This bridge will replace the traffic over the Dam. On this day we boarded a bus from our hotel and took the tour of the dam. WOW it was so hot. But at least when you were in the Dam it was much cooler.
The older boys thought that the dam was great. Madison wanted nothing to do with this. I think that if you have young kids you should not have to watch the 20 minute movie as you will get nothing out of the movie if you are fighting a 3 year old or a baby. Just an idea
This is Lake Med. All I could think is water in the desert how nice. On the way back to Vegas from Hoover Dam
On the way back to Las Vegas we stopped at the first factory that made M&M now it makes fancy chocolate the old fashion way. We were able to shop in the gift shop were I bought each of my M&M's (my kids) an M&M shirt. In our house we love everything M&M as that is the reason why all the kids names start with the letter "M".
Due to some problems with our Vegas Power Pass cards we had to make a detour to Cesar's Palace to get some new cards. Because of the error they offered us a Meal card so it saved us a little over a 100 dollars (chuching)
It seems as this is our parking place for the time we were in Las Vegas. We always parked in the same spot. Some reason it is the spot Jim liked. After a long hot day on a tour we just headed back to Circus Circus to have dinner and then party in the Adventure Dome.
Out cold after a long day. Miles did not even get his PJ's on. Him and Jim stayed longer at the Adventurer Dome than the younger kids and I did. So he was extra tired
Day 4 *Started out at the Venetian as we had a meal card so it meant Free Breakfast at one of the restaurants. Which was fine with me as I wanted to see the inside of this hotel. The kids thought it was great that they had a river inside the hotel. What fun. After a yummy breakfast we headed over the walkway to the Mirage Hotel to see the Dolphins and Secret Garden. Looks like the tiger is going to eat Miles head. Yes the sun was in their eyes, but I wanted the picture. Under ground view of the dolphins. The kids could have watched the dolphins all day long. They were in love with them. What a joy. Trainers with the dolphins. What I liked about this is their is no shows, but you are allowed so close to the dolphins. This is the mommy dolphin. There was 3 dolphins a mom with a 10 month old baby. Madison thought that it was cute to see the baby nurse from his mommy White Lion in the Secret Garden Looks like it needs some more fur White tigers sleeping in the heat. I think I was ready for a nap too. It was so hot and it was only 11 am Back to the Venetian to get our car. This was a human statue. Mason was scared of him This is what happens when it is hot and your bed is not in sight. Madison was passed out. Even when we put her in her carseat she did not wake up. *Next stop was back to the Mini Grand Prix. We had so much fun on day 2 that we had to go back on day 4 for more fun. Hey in was on the card and so we spent nothing. Little kid go carts. On day 2 (Monday) Madison was to scared to try to drive. But to day she was off and going. She was so cute. Madison Passing Mason He was not happy with this. After the Mini Grand Prix we headed to New York, New York. So Jim and Miles could ride the roller coaster. They rode it 2 times and thought it was great. Miles enjoied being able to ride is as he was just tall enough. New York had the best parking set up as we did not have to walk threw the casino to get to the roller coaster. Just off the parking garage. Saved us lots of time. Jim and Miles on the NY, NY Jim looks like a dork, he even said so. Miles on the other had is holding on for dear life
NY NY from the outside After the NY NY we headed to Planet Hollywood to have anothe free dinner. It was great because on our Power passes we were able to get each of the kids a Planet Hollywood hat and not spend a penny on it.
Day 5 was our last day Time to say good bye
On our way out of town we stopped at the most famous sign a the bottom of the strip to have our pictures taken. Mason was not in the mood to have his picture taken one more time. With Mason having an off day we cancled the morning plans and just headed towards home.
What else would you do with the love of your life under the Vegas sign. 10 Things I learned on this trip
  1. You can over plan your trip. I had google mapped every step of each day. Each day had it's own folder and items for the day in it.
  2. Don't go to Vegas in the summer when you are used to temps of 75 and it was 110 every day there
  3. Some times you can't do all you planned in one day. It's ok
  4. Vegas was founded by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Now look at it.
  5. You can never have too much water when it is 110 out side
  6. You can go to Las Vegas have a blast and not put a single penny, nickle, dime or quarter in a slot machine.
  7. It is a great place to go to see how your kids do with crowds.
  8. Plastic elastics melt in your daughters hair when it is this hot. Not fun to try to get out.
  9. Call the day you plan to check in to your hotel as you never know if your reservation will be cancelled by an unknowing receptionest
  10. All ways come to Vegas with the Power Pass
The Las Vegas Power Pass cost us $522 for 3 days of fun. We added up what it would have cost us to do this stuff on our own and it was $1214. We would never have done all this with our the Power Pass. All in all it was a great first Family Vacation. Next Big, big family vacation is in 2012 with the word Disney in it.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business
We always say it is a zoo around her.

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