Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Marcus our all-Star Wrestler

Green River Jr Wolves round robin tournament. Tonight we were able to go to Marcus end of wrestling tournament. Marcus rocked the house. They were able to wrestle up to 5 people. Marcus first contstent was the kid in yellow who is also in our ward. Marcus pinned him a couple of times in the 3 one minute periods. His next contenstant had a white shirt on and called it less than 30 seconds into the first period because he was scared. Then the picture with out one in it becaue the next person was scared to wrestle Marcus so he sat there. He was kinda sad that he did not wrestle that round. Then he had to wrestle a "GIRL" she did not put her heart into the match and called it in the second period. As we can see and new already new. I think we have a champion wrestler on our hands. Marcus loves it and can not wait for club to start this January. It was fun to see him in action. Marcus is our one from the start that has had a lot of talent the the sports department. It is a pure joy to see him out there and cheer him on. Now we just have to teach him how to act off the court.

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Monkey Business

Monkey Business
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