Thursday, September 30, 2010

Baby carrier give away

If you want one of the best baby carriers out there the ERGO then click on this link and enter to wind one. you need to do it today. Good luck

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Friends=Family in our house

Today I had one big surprise from one of my good friends. Tara E. made Mylee a large blanket. With some guidence from Michelle L. It is Tara's first quilted blanket. It is big enough that she will be using it when she is 16. She can cuddle up in it and love it. I love it. As you can see it is large gorgeous and a one in a Million blanket. It brought me to tears when she brought it to story time to day. I was wondering why it was so important that I go to day. It was because my friend loved me and Mylee so much that she spent her free time making some thing our family could cherish forever. Thanks a million Tara you made my day. Thanks Michelle for helping her and donating the fabric. We love it.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Boy time flies.

Lookie, Lookie. Someone just turned 4 months old today. She is the love of our lives. She may keep us up at night, She may not roll very much, but she is our little red head and we love her so very much. Happy 4 month Birthday Baby Girl

Football and Food storage

To say the least our life has been a little crazy. Between football, school and scouts I have had no time to even fold the laundry. So of course the blog is a little out of date. This was Miles' first year of football. None of us had any idea what we were getting our selves into. Miles is #56. He loves to play. His whole team was sad when they lost their first play off game. Many tears came Thursday night when the foot ball season was over I was so torn. Part of me wanted to see them make it too the super bowl. But on the other side I was kinda happy to say that today is Monday and after I get done cross guarding at 4 I will come home and not leave again until Tuesday morning. It has been a long time since we had a night were we did not have football. To all the mom's with little boys that want to play. Just remember it takes 4 nights a week of games and 2 hour practices. It is a wonderful sport but be prepared to not be home. Besides football I have been busy filling my fave room in the house. The food storage room. There have been many steals and deals in the last few weeks. My wonderful husband has taken the time to clean and organize or food storage room. So I thought I would share with you were I put all or food storage. I am lacking in a few departments. Can you guess what we still need more off?? Sorry I don't know why they came out a little fuzzy. Yes we need a bigger freezer. I wish I could find whole grain noodles on as good of a deal as I have found Cereal, fruit snacks and the rest of the stuff. . All in all I think I hope I have at least a 6 months supply of food for my family. My husband says I need to stop but we keep eating so I keep finding the deals and steals.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Madison's turn

Today was the day. Madison was so excited to finally get to go to her first day of Preschool. She Was ready a few minutes after her brothers went to school. So we came home and took our time. School does not start until 12:30 and she was ready and in her car seat at noon. So we stopped at the park for a few minutes to take some more pictures. Trying to burn some time. She really loves the monkey bars. She did them a few times and they were really long. She is a real character. But we love her tons. Madison with Mrs. Kari. We love our home pre school. Would not know what to do if she was not here. I love this pose it shoes her big strides and excitement on the first day of school. If I did not have to sign her in she would not let me walk her in. All ready to go. She was a one in a million. Very excited to show her class mates how tough she is with her staple in her hair. That is why we did her hair this way so they could look at it.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Staple, Marshmellows, and a Mountain of laundry.

What do they have in common??? A Moffat family Camping trip. Our family took the last camping trip of the season with my parents by Flaming Gorge. No sooner had we got there then why daddy was setting up the camper did Madison fall of a rope swing right on to a rock. She ended up getting one staple. I am not to happy with how they did it. To me it does not look like the staple is holding it shut. They really should have pinched it shut and put at least 2 in. But it is in and she has a booboo to show all her friends on the first day of preschool. After a late night all were tired. We did end up taking the kids and the dogs to a secluded water area to let them all swim a little. The kids had a great time. Goldie ended up a little muddy and stinky but all in all it was a great picnic.
Who you looking at??? It was hard all weekend not to touch Madison's hair. But she was very scared of hurting her staple. After dinner the men and the kids went on a nature hike. They all had a great time and learned a little bit too. On Sunday we went for a drive to look for more fun camping sites for the next camping season. We were very supried to see mountain goat in someones camp site. The kids ran up to get a better look. Before I could get too close they had went over the rim. But this is what we got. We also found our self a Alvin Chipmunk. He did not know for sure if he wanted to take the plunge of the steep side or not. After a late night the night before someone was a little GRUMPY coming back from the edge. Se did not want to come. Then it was time to roast Marshmallows and star-bursts. Some of the Mellows were too big to eat. We are all a little sad to see the summer leave. Don't get me wrong I love the fall, but the camper needs to be cleaned out and winterized, and there are only so many warm activities you can do in the fall. So as I huddle up in a blanket on Monday I will have all the wonderful camping memories to keep me warm inside. Plus all the warm laundry fresh from the washer. There is always plenty of that around our house. Especially after a camping trip.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business
We always say it is a zoo around her.

Gota love Rachael Ray