Friday, February 27, 2009

Help us choose Which House to buy

Jim and I have looked at close to 30 house over the last 8 weeks. We have made offers on 2 different houses, with the out come of a bidding war or a seller not willing to budge in this buyers market. So after taking a couple of weeks off, Jim and I went out again on Monday to look at a few new house that just came on the market. We have 2 house that week like. The are bothe about the same size. So we are asking you all to take a look and tell us which one you think we should go for. We will supply you with our pro and con list for both houses. House #1 Price $267,000 2,708 square feet price per square foot $98.60 Link to the pics of the house and description. Pros.
  1. It is the newest of the 2 houses by 5 years. 1983
  2. It has Air Conditioning
  3. Covered porch
  4. A very large covered porch
  5. 4 bedrooms on one floor
  6. Large mudroom
  7. small breakfast bar
  8. RV parking
  1. no storage room
  2. washer and dryer in the upstairs bathroom
  3. no washroom to fold in
  4. original kitchen
  5. Extra large lot to have to water with expensive Wyoming water
  6. 2 fire places more mess
  7. lots of steps in front to take take care off
  8. split entrance
Jim and I feel in love with this house on the internet as it has so many pictures of it. Melissa loves the idea of having such a large mud room. I have always wanted to build lockers for the kids nice looking ones for all their coats and school stuff. I can do that at this house. We have hopes of owning a camper one day and it has lots of space to park it. This house is out date but in good repair. I can see our family being happy in this house. House #2 Price $242,000 2628 square feet. Price per square foot is $92.09 Link to the pictures and more infomation. Pros
  1. this is the 2nd time it has been on the market so it has been on the market for more than 200 days. More likely to make a deal
  2. New kitchen
  3. Smaller lot less grass to water
  4. the garage is tandem so it can fit 4 cars so I can make a mud room with lockers in the garage
  5. 3 living spaces so it can have a play area in the basement
  6. Possible 6th bedroom with little work
  7. Basketball court in the back yard
  8. Park in walking distance
  9. Large storage room with washer and dryer in it space to fold. With laundry shoot
  1. No RV Parking
  2. No Air conditioning
  3. Lots of wall paper to take down
  4. hard to fit a swing set.
  5. extra small master bedroom
  6. Melissa always wanted to live in a 2 bedroom house
When Jim first walked in this house 4 weeks ago he fell in love with it. It is not a flashy house but we are not flashy people. We love to play ball and it has space for that without the ball rolling down the street. I loved the the fact that I can fold laundry and put it away later. Plus all the storage for food and my Craft stuff. Jim loves the wood stove. These house both are great houses. It is almost to hard to choose. So leave a comment as to which house you think is the one that will fit the wild Moffat family. We look forward to seeing what you have to say.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Ten reasons Why you might not be a Molly Morman

Lately, I have been found joking about not having my "Molly papers", when referring to different parts of my life. So last night I decided to Google "Molly Mormon" and found out that it is in the free online Wikipedia (Encyclopedia)this is its definition.

Molly Mormon is a term for the popular stereotype of a female member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church). A Molly Mormon is thought to be the "perfect Mormon woman" - an attractive[1] and pure[2] woman whose life revolves around the family and marriage and the social demands of Mormonism, like bearing multiple children, and who embodies the cheery, chipper and domesticated female in Latter-day Saint culture.[3] Typically, a Molly Mormon would not dissent against her husband or the priesthood and supports Mormon social and political views unconditionally. Peter Priesthood is the male version of the same term, though used somewhat less frequently.[4] Many "Molly Mormons" are stereotyped as being consumed by their life within the church, and as gullible and out-of-touch with the reality outside it.

These terms are occasionally used in a disparaging way by members of the Mormon church to refer to other Mormons who display or promote an ultra-conservative interpretation of their understanding of the church's teachings. An example of a person that may be labeled this way is one who abstains from drinking caffeinated cola drinks (based on a conservative interpretation of an ambiguity in the Word of Wisdom), won't watch television on Sunday, tells on her 15-year-old friend for dating before age 16, and who insists that others do so as well, perhaps claiming to be "setting an example". Abstinence from these behaviors is not required by the church to remain as a member in good standing, but is often preached unofficially as interpretations of church teachings in lessons taught by members of the church's lay clergy.[5]

After reading it I have with the help of Jim and some of my friends (and the missionaries(they were here for dinner tonight)) You might never receive your "Molly Papers" if one or more of the following fit you or your family: 10 reasons you are not a Molly Mormon but a Redneck-Mormon 10. Your family eats dinner on "Cheap" Paper plates one or more times a week. 9. Your kids have been spotted in public in the last month with their PJ's on. 8. Your 2 year old does not know how to read but, can spot the McDonald Arch from a mile away. 7. When it is time for General Conference the kids ask "where is the popcorn, soda and Candy(that's only to make it threw the opening song and prayer) 6. When you tell your kids its time for Family Home Evening they look at you and state, "How long tell the treat comes" 5. When attending one Sacrament Meeting, you frequent the water fountain more times than you do the Temple in one year. 4. When you take your child out of Sacrament Meeting for the 6th time and he runs up to his Primary Teacher and says "Help, she means it this time!" 3. When you get called to the Bishops office and you are not afraid of getting the new big calling in the ward, but more afraid of what your little one could have said or done in Primary Yesterday. 2. When the primary president calls on a Saturday night to ask if your little one can do the Scripture on Sunday, you yell, "Go get my scriptures, they are in the back of the car with all the church stuff from last Sunday." 1. You get a work out every time the Family Prays - When attempting Family prayer it sounds something like this. Mom "Family Prayer Now" Kids running and screaming "I said it is prayer Time Right now!" This kids attempt to kneel. "Say prayer (child's Name)". While he is praying you are sitting on one, giving the evil eye to anther, and happen to tap (hard) the 3rd on the head because he is bouncing and trying to sing a song. Some times you think it would be better to hog tie them when it comes to saying prayer as a family. 0. Just to make it threw sacrament meeting it looks like your going on a picnic. You have all the food and toys for one in your extra large bag. Like fruit snacks, fruit loops, juice boxes and of course cars, trucks, dolls and all the crayons you could ever need. If you are wondering why there is a zero it is because if you are not a Molly Mormon but a redneck Mormon then you learned to count from zero and not one. If any of this sounds like your family, stop checking the mail box, your "Molly Papers" are not coming. If any of the following sounds like you then I am sure they are on the way. 10 things that might make you a "Molly Mormon" 10. You attend every PTA and Pack meeting in the latest fashion. Ready to do what ever they ask. 9. The only CDs your kids listen to are from the Distribution center or Desert Book 8. All family trips are to see family or to Church History Places 7. Your kids have never worn a store bought Halloween costume. 6. When it comes to Throwing a party of any kind it is all out (of course homemade and very time consuming) 5. If the Visiting Teacher come unannounced, you still have a fresh plate of low-fat, but very good cookies ready for them to snack on while you show them your latest craft project you are working on. 4. The Primary President calls on a Saturday night to have your dear 4 year old daughter, do a talk. On Sunday she comes with Props and of course it is all memorized 3. The last time you went to the Temple (84 hours ago) you brought your own names and your kids sat quietly while you were there. 2. When it comes to Holidays the gifts are always homemade and take at least 12+ hours to do. 1. You walk into Sacrament meeting with your kids following in order, white shirts pressed and hair trim and not a strand out of order. The kids sit with scriptures on lap and don't make a peep threw all the High Council speakers talk.Of course your kids don't need coloring books and fruit snacks. They are listening ready to give full report to dad when they get home. If you think you might qualify the application is soon to come. If not keep trying or Fill out the Redneck Mormon Application that is still to come. I know that know one is perfect, but you have to have humor in everything. It is the only way I can make it threw the day. If I did not laugh at all the fab. things that happen in my life, I would be crying a lot more than I have time to. If this made you laugh at least once then it did its job. Feel free to commit on any of your examples.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Madison as Mom

One of the cuties girls in Green River. Tonight as I was getting the kids ready for Madison proceded to get out her pretend Lap Top and her babies, pillow and blankets. She proceded to attempt to tuck her babies in bed one at a time and then she took out her lap top and started to work on it. When I asked her what she was doing she told me "I am getting my baby on Nick jr." I asked her how her baby was going to play Nick jr and she stated "I will have to help her, I am the mommy" She was so cute. She told me that she was pretending, so she could be like mommy when she is older. I think it is cute that she has her shades on and is so poised in her pretend play. This is one of the joys of having a little girl. Their pretend play is adorable. Little boys pretend but it is with cars and rought and tough. She pointed out on the computer all the little babies that she whats to have in her belly, so that they can be her little sister.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Mom's Crazy Week!

This week has been one of those weeks that all moms have. When you have more things to do than you have time. Thus we have went a whole week with out a little blog. I love my calling in church. I am over Enrichment. We have a lot going on and it all came be this week. I am planning a Super Saturday/ Birthday Party for March Enrichment. So on Sunday all the sisters needed to have there orders into me. Well, we all have a life. With babies being born and people out of town, I had sisters coming over for the first part of the week placing there orders. Then I had to combine all their order sheets into one grand order and place the bulk of the order threw a company that is going to be a life saver. is a company based in Utah and they have great crafts. They gave us a discount so 4 of our 7 crafts is coming from this companies . I had to place the order on time so that they could cut the wood and vinyl for all the projects. Plus February was the debut of all of our "mini focus groups", thus I feel like I need to be there to see them start. I have great hope that more sisters will come in the next month. I have enjoyed attending them. I have even lost some weight with the M-W-F exercise group. With the daily things that the kids do, Scouts 3 different schools, and doctors appointments, this week has been filled. So I told the kids Friday to prepare for a all day cleaning house day on Saturday. Mom desperately needs to mop the floors and fold the mountain of laundry. So with the kids help this morning, they helped me empty the kitchen into the living room so that when Madison is down for a nap and Mason has quite time I can mop. I figure then I can fold the mountain of laundry on to the kitchen table that is next to the mountain now. So while I was on the computer this morning making new sticker charts, calenders for March for church and home, the kids decided to be adorable kids and start coloring in there new cave. I love it when they can play so nicely together. It helps mom get more stuff done. So I had to share it with you all instead of cleaning. I better get going if I am going to get all done that I want to get done today.
As you can tell my there clothing, it is a free fall day as we are not planning on leaving the house. So they get to dress in what ever suits them, and mom does not do their hair. It is a day off in their books from looking good and being tortured in the hair department. With any luck this Super Saturday will go off without to many glitches . We even have a few sisters from other wards coming because they want to do the crafts. But it is not only crafts, we have mini classes and a service project going on. AHHHHH we will have to see it I can pull it all off.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day, Moffat Style!!

We had a great Morning. It seems as though all week long we have been sharing the love. We started on Tuesday with a few parties, then on Thursday with Daddy being home we decided to celebrate as a family. The boys were given a small item at school for fun and then in the evening we gave them a little Valentine from mom an dad. On Saturday we had a fun Breakfast with Heart shaped french toast and Hear shaped eggs. The kids thought it was great. This Valentines day we focused on Heart shapes with the meals. So for lunch/ snack it was heart shaped PB&J and then dinner we had a great Valentines Party with our friends and all got together and had Pizza and Ice Cream with lots of toppings and Whipped topping. The kids had a great time and it was a perfect end to a Love Filled Week. Her are a few snap shots from this fun filled week. We hope you all had a great Valentines too.
Miles Valentine Mail box that we made for school.

Madison the New Photographer in the house.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For the Love of Valentine's

Happy Valentine's Day to all of You
With Valentine's Day falling on a Saturday, The phase one of Valentine's Parties started today. Mason only had one day of school this week and it was today. With Mason having one class in the morning and a different class in the afternoon, he scored a load of Valentines today. On top of his two parties,
We had a Valentine's Picnic for playgroup in between his 2 classes were he was able to feel the love even more. Plus Madison was able to have fun handing out her Valentines and eating her picnic lunch with her friends.
Having lunch with our playgroup friends. Karli (Madison's "best-est"Friend as she would say) and Breken.
Mason he is not camera shy. Showing off. He loves to see his picture in the camera after mom takes it. Just to think what it was like when you did not automatically see the picture after you took it.
The wonderful Valentine's aftermath.
Just to think the is day 1 of 3. Madison has her preschool party on Wednesday and Miles and Marcus have there party on Thursday. With there being no school on Friday. I am a lucky mom that I have so many more days of this kind of "joyful mess" . To think that we the consumer actually encourage this. I guess you can only be young once. How did the store score this year with not having a Valentine's Day but more of a Valentine's Week. May you all have just as much fun with all your Valentine's Festivities.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

WOW all are asleep and in there own beds.

After months of some of the kids having trouble sleeping in their own beds, Jim spent Thursday moving their room around to help them. Now we have a sleeping room with no toys. I think it worked Friday morning I got up extra early to get ready to make a to Utah for Mason to go to the Dentist. Marcus Was still sound asleep in his room. We will have to see if this can keep going on. Marcus used to be in my room every night by midnight sleeping on the floor.
Now all 3 boys are in one room and have lots of space. Marcus even stayed in his room Friday night until 5 am which is great. Now we are going to have to work with Madison, because she still thinks that mom and dads bed is her bed. We are working on it, now that she sleeps in the playroom and has her own room, we can let her cry a little more at bed time and learn that she needs to sleep in her own room.
Hopefully this is a new start. I love the picture of Marcus sleeping in his own bed all night long. Mason loves the fact that his bed is like a car in moves in and out.
May all get a little more sleep in the Moffat House.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Madison's 1st Day of Pre-school

Madison's First Day of School
After talking to many people, and Madison's Doctor we decided that it would be bentifishal to Madison to go to school a couple days a week. She goes to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She goes to school a couple hours in the morning. Today was her first day. We will have to see what she thinks of it when we I pick her up. She was very excited this morning. I think what made it a little easier to go to school is the fact that her friend Karli started school today too. I was suprised that she let me leave so fast. I hope she has a wonderful day.
Madison Showing off, as we get ready to go to school.
It seems kinda lonly at home with out Madison
I hope she is having a wonderful time a school
Her are someother pictures of our kids. We have movie night on Friday nights, is a tradition in our home. Here is some pictures of Marcus and Mason on Movie night.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business
We always say it is a zoo around her.

Gota love Rachael Ray