Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Miles Big Suprise.

Don't you love it when you open your mail and in the mail box is one of those letters with your children's school name on it. Well on Saturday when Miles brought me the Mail we had one of those envelopes. My mind went directly to Marcus, what did he do. As I opened the letter my mind was wondering to all the things that Marucs our rambuncious kindergartner could have done. To my surprise it had nothing to do with Marcus but with Miles. It was from the School Nurse. It stated : To the parents/guardian of Miles D. Moffat. Miles had his eyes tested and they are as followed Right eye 20/80 left eye 20/50 It when on to say that we might want to take him to an eye doctor. Than in her own hand writing there was a little note saying they really need to be checked out. After getting on the Internet on Monday to check and see what local eye doctors our insurance covered and calling one that Nana recommended and finding that it was going to be a six week wait, I called and talked to one of my friends only to find out how out of it I really was. I then made an eye appointment with Wilsons office. To feel dumb about it all Wilson is in our ward and not only is he in our ward he is the Elders Quorum President and our home teacher. I am glad that I spent the time to call around and then end up with our home teacher. I plead the mom brain in all this. When Jim called and asked me what I was up to I told him the story of what I had been doing and he said well duhh honey I could have told you that. But he did not. I recall Sunday night telling him that I had to make Miles an eye appointment and he said nothing. So I guess he can clam . . . Today was Miles big day. We went to the eye doctors and with in the hour he had confirmed what we kinda already knew, Miles needed glasses. So Miles is going to join his grandma, Nana, Papa, Aunt Stephanie, Uncle Alan, Uncle Chad, Grandpa, Dad and many other close family members in the world of glasses. We kinda figured that at least one of our kids would end up with glasses considering the fact that pretty much every related adult wears them. He was not sure that he wanted them, but with his brains and looks we will now have to call him GQ Miles. He should be getting his specks in the next 7 to 10 days. We will have to see what he thinks of them.
Mason on the climby thing at the park. We went to the park to day to take some pictures in the nice warm weather today.
Marcus Hanging out at the park
Madison was not in the mood for pictures today. I hope to get some great one another day.
The best picture I could get with Madison being so grumpy.

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