Saturday, November 22, 2008

Week in review

This has been one of those crazy Moffat weeks It started of with Church on Sunday which is always great. I love Sundays, they are so peaceful. No errands to run, no store to go to, just lots of family time. I could use a couple more Sundays in a week. Big things that happened this week. Miles gets glasses ordered Daddy gets called out to work an extra day Start getting ready for Christmas Madison had her first Friends birthday party We decided to change classes for Marcus at school He starts new class on Monday The kids had the chance to go ice skating for the first time at a very early Christmas Party for Papa's work. BYU lost the Football game, we would like to say we are sorry because we know how you feel Texas Tech lost their first game this season and they did not just loose they were Killed, brought back to life and killed again. We think that we might need to put a black cloth on our Texas Tech symbol for mourning. Lost 65 to 21 Here are some great pics from the end of the week. Hopefully you all have a great week
Madison at her birthday "friend" party Dora Rice Crispy Treat Eating McDonalds Happy Meals
Marcus skating with Santa's Helpers
Madison Skating with Santa We are glad that are kids have the chance to believe in Santa These pictures are priceless.
Miles Skating. For the first time and he did great like he has been doing it for years. Must be a natural talent. Mason was not sure about ice skating until right before we left and then he wanted to do it over and over again along the wall or with mom. They were so cute. Can not wait to go back and do it again.

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Monkey Business
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