Monday, August 30, 2010

First day of school 2010

We are all smiles and few tears. Today started very early in the morning or should I say middle of the night as little Mylee had a terrible belly ache. But I think mom sleeps the worse anyway on the night before my babies go off to school. All the worries about how their first day will go. I sure hope I am not the only mom not sleeping stressing over the first day of school for her kids. Today was a big day for Miles. he started Intermediate school. He left before the others were ready for the day. I am sure he was nervous and scared of the new adventures that await him I know I am ( but I will not tell him that). He will be getting his first locker and switching classes. I pray he finds some life long friends today. He is such a good kid. I will miss him and all his help. Today Marcus is staring a new school too, because we moved. He will be in 2nd grade this year. He has Mr. Timmons. He is excited to be the only big brother at school. I pray he sits and listens and makes some new friends. Today Mason starts 1st grad. He has Mrs. Timmos. He is very excited. Mom is a little worried. I pray he can keep his hands to him self and listen to his teach. We had a few problems doing what we were told that year. The are all ready. No I did not choose to match them they thought it would be cool. If they both wore "Big Man on Campus" Shirts. Mason with his teacher Marcus with his teacher. Did I mention they are also our back door neighbors. So if my little men choose to not make good choices they know were we live or they can visit with mom at the cross walk in front of the school. Madison was a little up set that she was not starting school today. She really wished preschool started today but she has to wait until next Tuesday. So we have a little miss attitude today. Demanding all. She just wants to go to Kindergarten. Mylee has no idea what is going on today. All she knows is that the house is quite now and she can sleep like a baby. Oh yea she is a baby. She still have 5 years before she starts. All in all it was a good day. Can't wait to hear from them this afternoon on all their fun and exciting things they did. Praying the day is full of fun and not sadness.


Laura and crew said...

I think you should not worry about feeling sad and buy some ben and jerry's to cope. Let us know how the first day of school goes!

Teresa said...

Things will go great for them. I am excited for Miles and his new adventure. Marcus and Mason have it made with a husband a wife as their teachers.

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