Sunday, September 5, 2010

Staple, Marshmellows, and a Mountain of laundry.

What do they have in common??? A Moffat family Camping trip. Our family took the last camping trip of the season with my parents by Flaming Gorge. No sooner had we got there then why daddy was setting up the camper did Madison fall of a rope swing right on to a rock. She ended up getting one staple. I am not to happy with how they did it. To me it does not look like the staple is holding it shut. They really should have pinched it shut and put at least 2 in. But it is in and she has a booboo to show all her friends on the first day of preschool. After a late night all were tired. We did end up taking the kids and the dogs to a secluded water area to let them all swim a little. The kids had a great time. Goldie ended up a little muddy and stinky but all in all it was a great picnic.
Who you looking at??? It was hard all weekend not to touch Madison's hair. But she was very scared of hurting her staple. After dinner the men and the kids went on a nature hike. They all had a great time and learned a little bit too. On Sunday we went for a drive to look for more fun camping sites for the next camping season. We were very supried to see mountain goat in someones camp site. The kids ran up to get a better look. Before I could get too close they had went over the rim. But this is what we got. We also found our self a Alvin Chipmunk. He did not know for sure if he wanted to take the plunge of the steep side or not. After a late night the night before someone was a little GRUMPY coming back from the edge. Se did not want to come. Then it was time to roast Marshmallows and star-bursts. Some of the Mellows were too big to eat. We are all a little sad to see the summer leave. Don't get me wrong I love the fall, but the camper needs to be cleaned out and winterized, and there are only so many warm activities you can do in the fall. So as I huddle up in a blanket on Monday I will have all the wonderful camping memories to keep me warm inside. Plus all the warm laundry fresh from the washer. There is always plenty of that around our house. Especially after a camping trip.

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Laura and crew said...

I miss the sunny days of would have been nice to squeeze in one more great trip like yours...minus the staple. :O(

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