Wednesday, August 18, 2010

School count down.

As the summer winds down. The days are getting shorter. We are counting down the days until the new school year starts. One of our family traditions is to do a back to school fashion show. Drum roll please. Madison will be in her last year of pre-school. She is very excited to be with many of her friends from last year. She will go to school 3 days a week in the afternoon. Madison loves leggings and jeans with flare. Thank goodness mommy has a keen eye for a good steal of a deal. I love letting the kids do their fashion show as you get to see their personalities. I have no idea how Mason in a blue polo means doctor. But he was running wild in the house saying he is a doctor. Mason is a free spirit, hard to tame. He is looking forward to being in school with his older brother Marcus. Any thing loose fitting and easy to put on is Mason's style. Marcus is as wild as his hair is red. One of his favorite school attire is his new cowboy boots that mom found for only $4. The only problem is he wants to tuck his pants in. I am not sure if mom will be able to let him out the door on a school morning with the pants tucked in. Having fun during the show was what Marcus was all about. He even had some air on some of his break dance moves. Of course he is very happy about his Dallas Cowboys sweatshirt he has that his brothers did not get. Once again it is all about price and availability, another $4 find this time at K-Mart. Miles is the one kid who likes to look nice at all times. It is hard for mom to believe that he wears a size 8 in shoes. It took him a little to loosen up but then he had a ball as well. Miles will be starting a new adventure this year at Monroe Intermediate school. Mom will more than likely shed a few tears with knowing that he is leaving Elementary school behind him. He will have a locker and have 6 different teachers. They grow up to fast. Mylee did not sport any new clothing in the fashion show as she is far from going to school. She is sporting her PJ's that are almost too small for her. All in all the kids are ramped up to go to school and can not wait to make new friends. We will be starting school on Aug. 30th.


Laura and crew said...

Looks like the kids are all ready for school! What are you going to do with just a baby at home most days? You'll have so much free time!

Moffatzoo said...

Maybe my house will be clean or I will catch up on a nap or too.

Teresa said...

I think that they are all ready to walk the runway in New York City.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business
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