Tuesday, August 3, 2010

July 2010

Life has been so crazy this summer. Going here or there. I must blog them altogether as there is not time to do other wise. July was a wonderful time for our family. Between camping, family reunions and Marcus' baptism and Mylee's blessing. Here are some of our happy moments. This is the new bike park in Green River. The kids had been asking for many weeks to come. They had a blast even if they left with some scrapes and a chipped elbow. Daddy even joined in on the fun. Mylee's new place she loves to hang out at is her changing table. She will smile when she is placed here. I don't know if it is the fact that she knows her diaper is going to be clean or that she loves to look out the window and at her mobile. Either way we spend hours a day here. I have even laid her on it just to pack bags for trips in her room. Many hot July afternoons have been spent in the pool. The kids have really enjoyed having such a big pool in our back yard. We were also able to help Papa celebrate his 60th birthday. Yes we put 60 candles on is cake. To all of our surprise he was able to blow them all out. Maybe we will get him at 70. To end the month of we had a wonderful time at Lagoon with some of our good friends. Madison and Karli Madison's first time on the Bat. She was so happy that she was tall enough to ride it this year. I think she was a little scared at first. She looks so small in those seats. You have to ride the Log ride. Karli, Madison, Jim, Mason and Marcus. The second Log Kassie, Treyson, Chris, Miles (you can see the back of his head) Cheslie and Zaine (SP) Mylee chilling in her stroller The only ride Mylee could ride. Almost missed this one. Train went a little faster than I thought. We have had a wonderful and great summer so far. It is hard to think that in 26 days the kids will be back in school. Let the count down begin.


Laura and crew said...

Looks like it's been a great action packed summer, but so sorry to hear about your nephew, Clint. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you.

Stephanie H. said...

Hey sis. I loved the changing table picture. But Mylee is getting biger and if you are going to step away form the table she needs to be buckled in she is getting to the age where she could roll off. One of Ericka's relatives fell off a changing table and developed seizures because of that. But I do love the pictures and Madison asleep in the bath is very cute

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