Monday, August 9, 2010

Smiles and tears, plus the memories.

As many of you know our family made an unexpected trip to Star Valley Wyoming, to attend the funeral services for Clint E. Robertson. This was a weekend filled with smiles, and tears and we remembered him. Here are some of our highlights. Friday morning before all of the events of the day we took the kids to the Lincoln county fair. I liked it because it was free unlike our home town fair and the kids loved it too. First off we went to the Once upon a time exhibit. Madison loved it. The air plane were right next to it. Something for the boys to love. Then it was off to a magic show, which was better than we had expected. Then we went to watch mini-monster trucks do stunts. With out a stroller Jim and I took turns packing Mylee around. She even managed to take a nap. Had to sit in the shade as mom did not pack sunscreen on this trip. The boys loved the show. They would love to have one of the mini-monster trucks in our garage. After the fun of the fair it was time to get cleaned up and spend time with family. You have to love the sink baths. Mylee is almost to big for Grandma's kitchen sink. After all was said and done we went to the viewing and the kids were able as were we to watch a wonderful movie of Clint's life. We were able to share in the memories and laugh and the happy times he had in his short life on earth. Clint was really big on the demolition derby so the head of the precession was his derby car from a week ago. Clint is now buried next to Grandpa Moffat This was the flowers that were on top of his casket. The kids really loved the bear skull. The Funeral was the next day. On our way out of town after all was said and down we stopped at the cemetery to take pictures of Mylee on Grandpa's grave as she has never meet her grandpa on earth, but we know she meet him in heaven. All in all the weekend was a weekend we will never forget. As it is now engraved in our hearts. Our hearts and Prayers are with Cheslie and baby Gracie and all that are learning how to live with our such a wonderful person.

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Monkey Business

Monkey Business
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