Friday, February 27, 2009

Help us choose Which House to buy

Jim and I have looked at close to 30 house over the last 8 weeks. We have made offers on 2 different houses, with the out come of a bidding war or a seller not willing to budge in this buyers market. So after taking a couple of weeks off, Jim and I went out again on Monday to look at a few new house that just came on the market. We have 2 house that week like. The are bothe about the same size. So we are asking you all to take a look and tell us which one you think we should go for. We will supply you with our pro and con list for both houses. House #1 Price $267,000 2,708 square feet price per square foot $98.60 Link to the pics of the house and description. Pros.
  1. It is the newest of the 2 houses by 5 years. 1983
  2. It has Air Conditioning
  3. Covered porch
  4. A very large covered porch
  5. 4 bedrooms on one floor
  6. Large mudroom
  7. small breakfast bar
  8. RV parking
  1. no storage room
  2. washer and dryer in the upstairs bathroom
  3. no washroom to fold in
  4. original kitchen
  5. Extra large lot to have to water with expensive Wyoming water
  6. 2 fire places more mess
  7. lots of steps in front to take take care off
  8. split entrance
Jim and I feel in love with this house on the internet as it has so many pictures of it. Melissa loves the idea of having such a large mud room. I have always wanted to build lockers for the kids nice looking ones for all their coats and school stuff. I can do that at this house. We have hopes of owning a camper one day and it has lots of space to park it. This house is out date but in good repair. I can see our family being happy in this house. House #2 Price $242,000 2628 square feet. Price per square foot is $92.09 Link to the pictures and more infomation. Pros
  1. this is the 2nd time it has been on the market so it has been on the market for more than 200 days. More likely to make a deal
  2. New kitchen
  3. Smaller lot less grass to water
  4. the garage is tandem so it can fit 4 cars so I can make a mud room with lockers in the garage
  5. 3 living spaces so it can have a play area in the basement
  6. Possible 6th bedroom with little work
  7. Basketball court in the back yard
  8. Park in walking distance
  9. Large storage room with washer and dryer in it space to fold. With laundry shoot
  1. No RV Parking
  2. No Air conditioning
  3. Lots of wall paper to take down
  4. hard to fit a swing set.
  5. extra small master bedroom
  6. Melissa always wanted to live in a 2 bedroom house
When Jim first walked in this house 4 weeks ago he fell in love with it. It is not a flashy house but we are not flashy people. We love to play ball and it has space for that without the ball rolling down the street. I loved the the fact that I can fold laundry and put it away later. Plus all the storage for food and my Craft stuff. Jim loves the wood stove. These house both are great houses. It is almost to hard to choose. So leave a comment as to which house you think is the one that will fit the wild Moffat family. We look forward to seeing what you have to say.

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Laura and crew said...

They both look like they could be great houses. I like the kitchen and eating area in the first house and the bonus room in the second. Maybe you can play rock, paper, scissors and decide that way. :O)

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