Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day, Moffat Style!!

We had a great Morning. It seems as though all week long we have been sharing the love. We started on Tuesday with a few parties, then on Thursday with Daddy being home we decided to celebrate as a family. The boys were given a small item at school for fun and then in the evening we gave them a little Valentine from mom an dad. On Saturday we had a fun Breakfast with Heart shaped french toast and Hear shaped eggs. The kids thought it was great. This Valentines day we focused on Heart shapes with the meals. So for lunch/ snack it was heart shaped PB&J and then dinner we had a great Valentines Party with our friends and all got together and had Pizza and Ice Cream with lots of toppings and Whipped topping. The kids had a great time and it was a perfect end to a Love Filled Week. Her are a few snap shots from this fun filled week. We hope you all had a great Valentines too.
Miles Valentine Mail box that we made for school.

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Laura and crew said...

We did a similar heart shaped breakfast at our house which I think its going to become a tradition. I love Miles' Valentine's box! Cute!

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Monkey Business
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