Tuesday, February 10, 2009

For the Love of Valentine's

Happy Valentine's Day to all of You
With Valentine's Day falling on a Saturday, The phase one of Valentine's Parties started today. Mason only had one day of school this week and it was today. With Mason having one class in the morning and a different class in the afternoon, he scored a load of Valentines today. On top of his two parties,
We had a Valentine's Picnic for playgroup in between his 2 classes were he was able to feel the love even more. Plus Madison was able to have fun handing out her Valentines and eating her picnic lunch with her friends.
Having lunch with our playgroup friends. Karli (Madison's "best-est"Friend as she would say) and Breken.
Mason he is not camera shy. Showing off. He loves to see his picture in the camera after mom takes it. Just to think what it was like when you did not automatically see the picture after you took it.
The wonderful Valentine's aftermath.
Just to think the is day 1 of 3. Madison has her preschool party on Wednesday and Miles and Marcus have there party on Thursday. With there being no school on Friday. I am a lucky mom that I have so many more days of this kind of "joyful mess" . To think that we the consumer actually encourage this. I guess you can only be young once. How did the store score this year with not having a Valentine's Day but more of a Valentine's Week. May you all have just as much fun with all your Valentine's Festivities.

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