Thursday, April 23, 2009

Spring, Boots, Earth Day and Kids

Happy Earth Day to you all.
On this fun day we played out side and enjoyed this planet. I did on Earth Day did one day with out plastic bags and paper plates. I was so proud of my self. Even when we went on a picnic I used plastic containers no throw away bags. This kids had fun picking up trash and told us about what they learned at school about earth day.
Madison likes to think that she is doing tricks like her brothers do on their bikes.
If he does not break a bone this summer riding his bike. I will be very surprised.
This was a cute picture I could not resist. Madison wore her boots with her dress. When daddy got home his boots smelled of gas so I put them on the porch. Madison took her boots off to get her PJ's on and they had wood chips in them, so I told her to dump the chips out side. I went on with the other kids. Later on that night I noticed her boots on the porch next to her DADDYS. So many times people think about little boys and their daddy but this is my little girl and her daddy's boots. Just make you realize that your kids look up to you even when you don't notice.
A picture is worth a thousand words.
Mason told me he was cleaning the earth for earth day. I thought this was so cute and so innocent. It is fun to see the world threw a child eye.

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Laura and crew said...

Those are some serious bike tricks...very impressive! Cute boots, too!

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