Saturday, April 25, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Mason

With Spring in the AIR, we tend to have quite a few birthday Month by Month. Today just 2 days before his real birthday with daddy off from work we had his friend Party and Family Birthday Party. We had high hopes that we could have a fun party at the park with games and lot of room to run. Well in Wyoming if you plan a party at a park all you get is rain or snow or both like we had today. So we moved his party to McDonald's play-land. 5 of his friend and Nana came to help us celebrate.
I think this picture tell just how he felt about it. He was wired for the whole party.
Friends at the party
This was not the cake Mason had picked out mom was going to make a race car cake but we had this in Nana's freezer left over from Miles Birthday (it was a blizzard on Miles birthday so we did not make it to Rock Springs to pick it up. He does not know any different. He loved the cake. It all worked out.
He scored a fur real dino and a Air Hog popper. This year with earth day just a couple of days ago, elected to use what we had on had to wrap and not waste trees. (plus mom was not in the mood) Mason was happy no matter what.
On Monday we get to bring cupcakes and muffins to his classes at school for his birthday. Right at this minute my house is filled with hot wheels and wrappings from gifts. I would say he his happy and enjoyed every minute of his party and gifts.

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Laura and crew said...

I can't believe Mason is that old already...happy birthday!

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Monkey Business
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