Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter and More

Easter on the road. This last year has been a year of first for our family. First we moved states, spent our first Holiday (Christmas) on the road at Grandma's and now we did our first Easter on the road at Grandma's.
All matching. Even dad was given a pink tie.
Mom was unable to find a pink shirt that she liked so I am in purple. You better mark it down as I do not get in many pictures. So this is the first in a long time. It might be the last you never know.
Easter morning. In our house the kids are given empty baskets/pails and then the must fill it with eggs and their items from the Easter Bunny. They mostly get eggs, and books as we love books in our house. They all loved it.
Sleeping at Grandma's dreaming of Easter morning.
When you are at a Moffat gathering you must Play like a Moffat. We love to rough and tumble.
Tony took his mountain lion of the wall and draped it on him to scare the kids.
Can I help uncover Grandpa's grave
It's hard to explain death to a 3 and 4 or even a 6 year old. So we try to keep the memory of Grandpa Moffat alive in their heart. I want Madison, Mason, Marcus and Miles to remember that they have a grandpa even if he can not be with them. He is watching over them. We take them with us the clear the head stone and place fun thing at his headstone. Mason and Madison wanted to put the "spinning wheels/things" on his grave so we brought them. I think that because they have been to grandpa's grave 5-6 times that they are gaining an understanding of were grandpa is and what kind of person he is. On Monday we were able to take the kids to Jackson Hole for a little fun. They saw were Aunt Brenda works, at a very expensive art gallery. I pick out a couple pieces and the cheapest was "only 15,000" So I think Jim and I will be getting a couple. "NOT" On the way up to Jackson we stopped at the Elk Refuges and watched the Elk eat. In one of the pictures we saw them running down the hill side to eat. Jim has even picked out a few that would work next hunting season. A few with big racks. The kids loved it.
As all can see we spent this wonderful weekend with our "eternal family" What a better way to celebrate Easter. To fill united with our family here and those who have passed on. I am so great-full for my Savior who without him we would not be able to be an Eternal Family. I hope that you all had a great Easter weekend. We look forward to hearing from you all.

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Monkey Business
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