Friday, April 10, 2009

Moffat Kids in their Easter out fits. This is one reason why I love Easter. I love to do Easter outfits on a budget. Madison is wear last season Easter Dress from Target, I got it for $4.97 and the sweater for$2. The boys were all in need of new white shirts and have been waiting for some months. I got all three shirts for $20. All have new shoes from the Pay-Less Easter sell. Plus then I had an addition 25% off coupon. Ties are from tie one one for $8 each. I assume in years to come the boys will not want to wear pink ties. So for less than $100 all four kids had new out fits. Plus these outfits will work not only for Easter but all year. This is what I call a recession score.
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Teresa said...

Enjoy the little moments with your children. They look beautiful, Chad and Alan both grew out of wanting pink shirts. I don't know if you remember them wearing them. I love the smiles best..

Laura and crew said...

Very cute kiddos. I always feel like superwoman when I score a ultra cute outfit for cheap. I love the pink ties, too. I bought Chad a blue and pink one a while ago and it's one of our favorites. Happy Easter, guys!

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