Thursday, June 3, 2010

Service with a smile

After we moved to Wyoming me kids were able to attend their first Relay for Life. The had a blast and were able to learn a lot. This year Jim, Miles and Marcus joined my mom's team. As part of being a team member you need to raise some money. They boys decided that they wanted to sell Soda, water and juice boxes to make money.
From Mylle's frist week and kids sell
So we decided that we would make some signs and put them in some shirts from years past and go to a local "Splash park" and let them try to sell some. It did not go over as well as we all had hopped. But they did not give up. They went across the street from our house and SOLD their drinks. They had a blast. Madison and Mason even helped. Madison more than Mason.
From Mylle's frist week and kids sell
They took turns holding the sign up. When there was no traffic they would ride their bikes around and watch for cars to come, then they would hurry up and get their signs up. They were so happy with how much they made they did not want to stop. Many people pulled over and just gave them money to help fight Cancer. I must say I am so proud of them as they are not doing this for them selves but to help others. They plan on doing it a few more times before the Relay For Life on the 18th. They are hoping to make about $100. I hope they can make it to their goal.

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Laura and crew said...

I'd buy a juice box from them any day!

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