Saturday, June 19, 2010

Relay for Life 2010

Nana and Papa walking the survivor walk. Another year of hard work and planning brought on a great Relay for life. The theme of the year was Celebrate more birthdays. So it was a party theme. The kids have come to love Relay for life and look forward to it every year. I hope that in one way they realize how important it is to find a cure for such a terrible thing that kills so many, and touches so many more peoples lives. I hope that they learn a lot from it and that it is not just to come and play. We spend our money here and not at the fair. The kids have a lot more fun in a safer environment, were the money goes to a good cause. Mylee even came and stayed until just after 11 pm and was up there early this morning. The kids had fun spending their money at the little games and getting prizes Some of the late night stuff was hard on the yonger ones. Thank goodness Papa was there to hold a sleeping girl. Madison made it to 10:30, Mason to 11:20 Marcus to 2:30 Dad to 3 am and Miles won and made it to 4 am. Mom and Mylee went home at 11:15. Daddy and Miles beat their old record at Frisbee toss and tossed it 77 times in a row without dropping it. This is what I found when I came back in the morning. Miles you can not see as he is tucked all the way in his bag. All in all it was fun and a went for a good cause. We can't wait for next year. We will have to see if Mylee can make it threw the night at a year old. I think it is our new family summer tradition.

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Monkey Business
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