Friday, June 25, 2010

Camping in's and out's

This was Mylee's first adventure in the great outdoors. Moose Pond. We had a great family walk around a pond. The kids did not like all the bugs. The sad part was the only fish we saw were dead ones floating up side down. Something must have killed the fish off. Skull Creek. We scored camp site number 16. The one our kids really wanted. The Creek ran right threw it. Marcus, Mason, and Madison had a blast playing in the water. Miles was not really into it as much. Crossing the dam in the Creek Look how brave I am dipping in the ice cold water One did it so they both had to do it. The hike that never ended. Mylee chilling out in the camper why Mom cleaned up and packed everything to go home. What everyone looks like after a long camping trip. Sorry it is not better I was driving and just shooting at the same time. To get back to the in's and out's Our camping trip started off a little rocky. Fist I came up with the 5 kids. To try to get the site we wanted. It really paid off as we did get site 16. Jim was to be up there at 6 pm but due to some problems shipping his load he did not make it up with the camper and the food until 7:15 pm. Next we learned that it is best to make sure your jacks can go down before you unhitch and move the truck. Next we had the fun of watching the camper roll after Jim had hitched it up and moved it again to get the jacks down. One of those tired mistakes. Thank goodness Jim is strong enough to lift the hitch up on to the cinder-block. All in all dinner at 9 pm and bed at midnight. It was a long night but worth it. We could have let these little things ruin our camping adventure but we choose to move on and have fun roasting hot dogs and making smore's. Jim also learned that a 4 mile hike at 3 pm with tired hunger kids can take forever and leave a wife with a baby worried sick. Never thought that it was going to take that long. He was close to having a wife sending for help to find her kids and husband. I was worried sick that something bad must have happened. They showed up just in the nick of time. All in all it was a fun Moffat camping adventure that we will never forget. Mylee turned 4 weeks old and was a trooper. We look forward to our next adventure in a few weeks.


Laura and crew said...

Sounds like good, tiring, memorable fun.

Teresa said...

It sounds like you all had a great time. I think that I am a little to old to withstand those late nights.

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Monkey Business
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