Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thanksgiving and the big 5-0

It has taken sometime to get these pictures posted. We have been busy and I was really not in the mood to be on the computer. On November 25, 2009 Teresa Marie Hungerford (Nana, mom) celebrated her 50th birthday. The kids had fun asking her how old was 50. To celebrate we got her a cake like a tree stump to symbolize her age.
Not sure what the kids were on that night but they were bouncing off the walls. I hope Nana did not mind.
Early, Thursday morning we left to have a great Thanksgiving dinner at Joyce and Rick Anderson's house. This was our first Thanksgiving there since Jim and I were engaged 11 years ago. Madison was ecstatic to find great grandma Cox there. She really loves her.
The kids had a blast playing in the basement on the Wii and with their cousins. All in all it was a great day with great food and wonderful family. Nice to see people we don't get to see to often.
Friday morning instead of hitting the malls for Black Friday shopping we hit, Chuckee E Cheese. It was nice and empty for the first hour we were there. The kids had fun and it was nice family time together. Madison and Daddy really love to ride the thrill ride and so does Mason
Most of the day you could find Miles hanging out on the hunting game. It only took one token and would last up to 10 minutes. I think he is ready to be a hunter. Miles joined him for the last game of the day.
This is the kids singing happy birthday to Nana.

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Laura and crew said...

Makes me want to be back in Wyoming to help celebrate!

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