Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas lights

Some of our favorite family Christmas traditions is to drive around and look at the Christmas light. Today was the lucky day. We were able to go deliver goodies plates to the families that we either Home teacher or go visiting teaching to. We were happy to say that we saw a few Nativities. This was the best light up one. Sorry we would have a picture of Nana and Papa's as theirs is our favorite but we are in Green River and they are in Rock Springs.
This is our all time Favorite house. It has the Wyoming flag lite up and has a nativity scene, Train and even Santa.
On the hillside behind some really nice house's someone even put a Drummer Boy on the hill side. The kids thought it was great. You can see it from blocks away.
We even saw a few houses' with cars that they had put lights on. One was a 1957 Chevy truck and then a old mustang. All in all this was a fun night of sharing and seeing the wonderful lights of Green River Wyoming.


Laura and crew said...

We did the same thing last night...only we never spotted any Wyoming flags in Christmas lights.

Teresa said...

Green River has great lights if I must say so. Green River out did Rock Springs.

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