Monday, November 23, 2009

Weekend at Grandma's + Snow

After a long week of trailer sell/ not sell stuff, it was nice to get away for 2 days and go to Jim's mom's house. We were able to hunt a little (with out luck) and eat lots of yummy food (since we are going to Utah for Thanksgiving) try out the new bowling alley and even celebrate Madison's 4th birthday with her cousins. Above is Marcus bowling
I loved this alligator. It made bowing so much fun. This place just opened at the end of the summer so it was nice to see all the new stuff just like the bumpers that come up and down for those who need them and those who don't.
Miles being 9 did not want bumpers. He did good considering he did not have bumpers. Mason started out with a alligator and then decided he wanted to do it like the big people. He had the cutest dance.
With Madison's 4th birthday having been on Sunday. She was able to have a friend's birthday party since this was her even year. I am so glad that she loves her cousins so much as when I asked her if she wanted her party to be with her cousins she jumped up and down so excited. I had orginally planned on doing a princess party, but with morning sickness an all it was nice when she went along with what was easiest for mom.
Mason and Madison have been into doing lots of floor puzzles so when aunt Shelia gave her a giant Dora puzzle, it made her day and even Mason's. I think in the last 4 days she has put it together more than a 12 times. So glad she got it.
Finally. The kids have been asking when it was going to snow again. Finally Sunday night it started to snow. So as soon as they came home from school they all bundled up and headed out to play in the snow.
Some were a little disappointed that it was not good snowman snow but they all still had fun with what they had. Sliding into a pile of snow was a big hit and even mom made a snow angel.
Family home evening tonight was supposed to be on service but we ended up playing in the snow a little long so we were unable to make it out to deliver bags of cookies. Maybe I will have to bring some to my sisters on my visiting teaching list.
All and all we all the the white fluffy snow that came,but wish sometimes it would only fall on the lawns and miss the roads. Wouldn't that be nice.


Teresa said...

Looks like everyone had a great time bowling. Was this new alley in Afton? The snow looks cold but then they are young and I am not. These days I avoid snow and cold as much as possible.

Laura and crew said...

Looks fun!

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