Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Great Christmas Tree. . .

Since we have moved back to Wyoming we have decied to cut down our Christmas tree every year. This years Christmas Tree hunt took a long road with a lot of BUMPS along the way. On the Wednesday before Thanksgiving I went to the BLM to get the permits so we could cut our tree down on Friday on the way home from Utah. Well to our dismay, the play BLM was closed on Wednesday due to Thanksgiving. (I would think this would be a busy day for getting permits). So then we had to change the plans for Friday (we did Chuckee E. Cheese instead) but the sad news was than our boys would be in school when we cut down the tree. We gave them the choice to uses the fake one or have mom, dad and Madison cut it down on Wednesday. The boys still wanted a real on so on Wednesday morning after dropping the boys off at the bus stop we headed out to find the perfect Christmas tree. With the permit in hand and some simple instructions from Papa (my dad) we were on our way.
Instructions from Papa: Take 191 South after you plato go down steep hill and threw some switch backs and you will come upon a ranch (we new there was a few on the way to the Gorge, as we had been this way a few times this year) turn as you are turning into the ranch and the road goes just around the ranch. We found the ranch but not a road going around it. We were looking for little mountain. We could see some trees behind the ranch. We decieded to drive on to the next ranch. The next ranch had a road pretty close to it that had a sign stating little mountain 24 miles ahead. Score we thought. After taking some fun roads we went our 24 miles to large sign with map on it stating Little mountain. One problem no trees in sight. Just a lot of sage brush. So we looked at the map found county road 34 on it and decided to take it as someone (not papa) had mentioned it would be off of 34. 51 miles latter we were back about 1/2 mile up the road from the first ranch. Once again we could see the trees as pictured above but could not find a decent road to them. Poor Madison had finally gave out and feel asleep. After taking 3 4-wheeler trails that looked like the lead to the trees only to dead end well before them. We drove into the 1st ranch like we had once been instructed to see if we had missed a road. Nope no road. With the trees in sight we were so close but could not find the way to the trees. After some tears and many slighent prayers we decieded to take 34 back a little bit and see if there was a road that might lead us to the top of the mountains.
We saw many wild horses off of county road 34, even joked about hoping on them and asking them to take us to the trees. But I don't think they would have taken us anywere.
Wallahh, we found the road. Jim did not want to take the road thinking it would dead end again. but after a few miles on it my hopes were once again high. I felt like just maybe we had found the right road only 5 hours latter. We even found snow that we had only seen a dusting of before. So happy, you would think someone had handed me a million dollar check. I was excited to be able to come home with a tree.
In some spots the snow was 3 feet deep and it was hard for Madison to follow in Daddy's foot prints. Mom forgot her snow boots so my feet froze. But it was all worth it. After walking around for 30 minutes we found the perfect tree for our family. Not to big, not to small and not a sage brush like we had joked about during our extra, extra long drive.
So very happy to have a tree, now time to hurry home because our boys are to be home from school soon. Thank you for our prayers answered. We are happy to have the Great Moffat Christmas tree 2009
Next it is time to decorate. After the lights were hung and the kids did another day of school. Thursday after they got home from school mom and dad surprised them with a few gifts under the tree and with the ornaments ready to hang. The final picture of the tree. Yes we let the kids do it 100% but if they happen to fall off I am sure we will place the ornaments in a well needed spot.
All had a different way and plan on were to put the ornaments. Miles was high and spread out. Thank you Miles for the few ornaments that are on the back side of the tree.
Mason went anywhere he wanted. Some times standing on a tote or daddy's recliner.
Madison was a sweet heart. She would sometimes give the boys her's to hang. She loved to stand on dad's chair too.
Some wanted to see how many they could get on one branch so we have 8 on one branch and 5 on the branch above.
That person would be Marcus. I love seeing the kids personalities when they decorate.
Of course daddy gets to hang the star. The kids had fun playing peek a boo threw his legs. All in all we have a wonderful Moffat Christmas tree. The lights may be sparse (as 4 strands would not work from last year and I am too cheep to buy them at the price they are right now) and we could not find our family ornaments (the price you pay for having a storage shed and storage unit. )

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