Friday, December 5, 2008

Pictures of year past 07

We found Miles' digital camera, last night and it had pictures from different parts of 2007. Some pictures Miles took and many I took. It was kinda fun looking back at the last year. Here are some of the great pics we found. The slide show will show many more.
These 2 pictures are of last years Christmas. We went way over the edge for Christmas. We were crazy and will never have a Christmas like this again. We don't even own most of the items that are in the boxes. My kids will be shocked this year if they are expecting a Christmas like the last one. There is just know kneed for these kind of Christmases. We have learned our lesson.
Christmas PJ's you have to love them. The boys are in spiderman, Jim and I have Dallas Cowboy bottoms and Madison is in CP Christmas sleeper PJs This year the kids all have matcing PJ's
The kids are helping bring in the juice boxes that mom found on a great deal. Mom only bought 30 boxes. Boy do we miss that house. It would seem so big if we had it now. Then it was seeming small. Look at how young Madison looks she is 17 months old. Not much hair.
Texas Water Rampage. Madison feel asleep floating in the lazy river. She was so cute. Look at how young Miles looks.
In 2007 we went to Carols Bad Caverns with Jim's Mom. This was a great trip as a family. This is one of my favorite pictures we found of the caves You have to love a walk down memory lane. I can not believe how fast kids grow. It seems like just yesterday that we welcomed them in to our family. I kinda miss the baby years but it is nice not to change diapers and wake up for feeding. Have a great day

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Monkey Business
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