Monday, December 1, 2008

Do you believe in Santa. . .

Do you believe in Santa Claus???
Madison on Santa's Lap after the Santa Teddy bear Parade in our small town.
Mason on Santa's Lap
Marcus on Santa's Lap
Miles on Santa's Lap With the Christmas season upon us, it seems to us parents of young kids that there is not enough weeks left (or paychecks) till Christmas. To the kids, Christmas seems as though it is years away. I remember being a kid, and all the fun things we did during the Christmas Season. Like making gingerbread house, frosting sugar cookies, singing at the senior center, and many more fun things we did in such a short time frame. The memories we have from Christmas past help form the kind of Christmas we make for our kids. Just like the traditions we pass on to our kids. Every Christmas Eve our family opens PJ's just like we did when I was a kid. Our kids have toothbrushes in their stockings and life saver books in their stockings, just like when I was a kid. We all have in our mind the wonderful memories of Christmas past. When you think of those memories what was most important to your family. The fun times being together, and sharing in the Spirit of Christmas. At this time of year you here the stories of the kid at school who has ruined Christmas for the kids in class, because he told them that Santa was not real. Then you sit at home patching up your childs dreams of Christmas. I ask you what is the problem with letting your kids believe in Santa Claus? To our family Santa represents, the spirit of giving. When we talk about Santa in our house we talk about how Santa gives to all the kids, just like Christ gave to the world the greatest gift of all. We don't focus on Santa, but we allow our kids to believe in him because it is what he stands for. Its like believing in Dora or Mickey Mouse, They are all fictional characters like Santa but they are fun to watch and share in the magical moment. When Miles last Christmas came to us and told us that he had figured it out on his own, that it was impossible to deliver presents to all the world , we did let him know what Santa Claus stands for S.C. the spirit of Chirstmas and that although there is not one Santa Claus,but a world of Santas. And that the special spirit that Santa brings the Christmas season is why we believe in Santa. That is why we sign S.C. to mean the Spirit of Christmas. Now that he knows who Santa is, he kinda has fun keeping the secret of Santa and watching his sibling have fun believing. So when you ask your self if you believe in Santa Claus, do you believe in the Spirit of Christmas, We do. So may all of you have a very Merry Christmas, and let the spirit live on in your home. WHAT'S WRONG WITH LETTING YOUR KIDS BELIEVE IN SANTA???

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