Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas on Temple Square

Christmas on Temple Square
Now that we have the blessing of living closer to Temple Square, we are starting a new Christmas Tradition. We want to take the kids to Temple Square to see all the fabulous lights and the nativity. What a wonderful sight. We have great hopes that if this is something that Jim and I love to do, that our children will realize that Christmas is more than just Santa and receiving great presents on Christmas morning. But that Christmas is the celebration of Jesus birthday.
Early Friday morning, we departed our home in Green River Wyoming and headed out to Salt Lake City. First we hit my favorite store, Target. After I got my Target fix (since we are not blessed to have on in our area) then we headed to the JS Building and met up with Nana and Papa Hungerford and had a great lunch at the garden resturant. We attempted to watch the Jospeh Smith Movie, but with our sleep deprived children we only saw part. After some greatly needed purchases at the distrabution center, we braved the not so cold weather and headed to Temple Square were we were able to talk with our kids about the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ. We then were able to enjoy the presentation of the Nativity. Oh how it has changed. It is more life like than ever. Then kids were then awed with all the wonderful lights and how even the water had lights in it. After chasing kids, and walking all day we were plum tired. Madison was barely in her carseat when she passes out. Less than 4 hours later we were home. Tired but filled with a new love and tradition in our home. We were also blessed to miss the wonderful snow storm that started just shortly after we arrived home.
One day I might have a tree like this. If only in my dreams. This year we have named our tree the Hobo Christmas tree.
A good old fashion Morman Ward Christmas Party
After sleeping in and watching the snow fall we were able to attend a wonderful Christmas Party at the Church. The primary kids acted out the Navity. They even let Madison be an angel with her brothers. We had a wonderful host of Angels that sang many songs as anther person read the Christmas story. At one time Mason was caught giving Madison a kiss. Sweet inocence. Marcus, Mason and Madison were adorable angels Marcus and Mason wore there dad's white church shirts and Madison wore one of her cream dresses, we did not plan on her being an angel. Miles was a wise man, made from a green table cloth and a purple pillow case. What a fun night. Great food, it must taste better cold when you are at a church function as by the time you get threw line and cut your kids up it is colder than the snow out side.
We all feels bless to be in such a wonderful ward and to be able to live so close to Salt Lake with all the church history.

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Monkey Business
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