Sunday, May 1, 2011

Finally an Update

Madison crashed out after a long day. This is how I feel about this last month. I think I could sleep for a month. To bad baseball season has only just begin. Don't know why it came in sideways but Miles Bday. Rollerblades and a ramp to crash and try to break a bone on this summer.
Helping dady fix the sink.
These days you can find Mylee almost anywhere she can climb. She loves to climb up on to the couch so she can crawl over the end tables and get to Mom's craft stuff. She is a hand ful for sure. So ready for her to walk so she can play more outside with her siblings.
Madison's First Baseball practice. Mylee did what she does best in her carseat for a long period of time.
Ready to hung Easter Eggs at the City Easter Egg Hunt.
Helping rip out the carpet. A lot of work.
Mason's 2 colors. He is doing Mario of course
Miles helping get the paint on the walls
These are the 2 colors Madison picked for her side of the room. Looks nice with her new bedset
Spring Pictures. Some turned out really good. Others. were OK. 5 Kids and pictures can be a real treat.
"I HAVE HAD IT " Mylee was done. When she is done she is done. So no pictures with big sister this time.
With all the crazy stuff going on this week I had to make and fill 11 orders and still have a few more to fill this wek. This is one of my faves from last week. Interchangeable ladybug bow. So much fun to make.
Mylee's new face she loves to make. The little stinker. Yes her toung hangs out 90% of the time.
Mason's cupcakes
Marcus' first Pinewood Derby. You all remember the days. He was so excited. He took 3rd for the wolves. So that means
We got the privliges of spending Most the day Saturday at the Mall letting him race in Districts
Mason's Frid
Walk of a proud scout
Thanks Mylee. She took a great nap
Madison and the rest passing time with the coloring books and treats I brought. You can never be to prepared to spend 4+ hours in a Mall with your kids. Sprised to see so many come with nothing for their little ones to do.
Last race for Marcus. Next year he hopes to win a little more, but it was fun for him and a great learning experience for all.

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Grandma Hungerford said...

Got to love scouts. Hope that all of your sons and my grandsons become an Eagle Scout.

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Monkey Business
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