Thursday, May 12, 2011

Let's talk dishwashers

On mother's Day of all days our Dishwasher broke again. When we bought our wonderful house just over a year ago. We new we we had to have one of the oldest running dishwashers on record. The original dishwasher to our 30 year old house. We new that sometime when there was money we were going to replace it but why then when it stilled did it's job. I broke down last fall and we spent $100 to have it fixed my our home warranty company. I really had thought that they would replace it. So of course it broke down again this time I am not going to pay another $100 to have them only fix it. Why keep putting money in to a thing that is dead.
Before my Dishwasher broke down I used to dream about having 2 dishwashers as with our family size we are running the thing 2 times a day at least and some days I run it 3 to 4 times a day. I had even went to lengths to see what and how I could do that. Graciously my husband offered to do the dishes Sunday as it was Mother's day. Then every day since I sit the girls down for lunch and why they are eating I wash away. Today I had 179 pieces to wash. Yesterday I thought how bad it was and all negative today it gave me a little reflection time after the girls were down and playing. In today's world we are always on the go and to busy to "stop and smell the roses" or in my case the dish soap. As I finished up washing the dishes I realized that the time it took me to wash and dry the dishes all 179 pieces of which 4 bottles and 3 sippy cups. I realized that it really does not take much more time to wash by had as it does to load the dishwasher. The only difference is that I have to wash and put them away and normally it is my kids that do the dishes.
So yes some day I would love to have a new dishwasher to clean the dishes. But for now my hands work just as fast at cleaning the dishes as the dishwasher. I must say I am betting that I can wash all the dishes faster than my hubby could load the dishes washer. Shhh don't tell him but the hour it takes him to load he could have washed them faster and been done with it.
Ok So I was going to have the 2 pictures at the top of the page down here at the bottom but my computer or blogspot don't like me. No matter how many times I hit ctrl "V" it does not work. So I am done. With it.
I will do my best to smile as I wash dishes into the summer as I know that they are for my family. Maybe the money will come to buy one before but the time it takes to wash is not as bad as I thought so I will turn my :( into a :) after all.
May we all stop and smell the roses and realize that it is no so bad every once in a while to step back in time and do things the old fashion way.

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