Tuesday, May 10, 2011

As a mom of 5 unique fun kids. Sometimes I have to admit I am forgetful. Or my mind gets on one track. Well last week this happened to me. Have you even been on the way home from the store and not even remember turning the corner to go up the street to you house. You just put your self in auto pilot. Last Monday was the first day of crazy baseball schedule. So as excited as an be we all went to Madison's first baseball game. After the game ended we all loaded up in the van yes all 5 kids loaded into the van to head home. As soon as I started to drive away I remembered I was supposed to wait for the next game to collect Miles Baseball uniform for his game on Tuesday. So I turned around and we waited. Well of course with 5 kids sitting in the car at least one will scream they have to go to the bathroom. So I sent Madison with Marcus to the little blue outhouse that is by the ball field. Madison came back about the same time Miles coach showed up got the uniform and headed home, in auto pilot. Started baths, worked on packing bow orders and then called and called for Marcus as it was his turn to take a bath. We searched the whole house, the backyard and even the park just a few houses up the street. Marcus was no where to be found. All were wondering where had he gone???? Then all of the sudden my heart sank. I realized I had done the unthinkable. I had left him in the little blue out house on the side of the road. If it would not have been that we were doing baths it could have been longer. But yes Marcus was left for 45 minutes. I dashed to the car and speed to the park, sorry officer I was a little worried. My mind kept going to is he crying, did he try to walk home. Will he be mad at me? Is he still there. That 7 minute ride was one of the longest 7 minutes in my life. But when I got to the park and saw him laughing at me as I drove up relief swept across my face and body. He was safe and he was sound. Of all my kids I think he took it best being left. He told me of stepping out of the out-house to see the van driving down the street running after it. Then going across the street to one our our friends houses to try to call us but they were not home. So he just went to the play ground and played with some of the kids who were playing. Waiting for us to realize that we had left him. I am so proud of him that he did not leave and try to walk home. I still can not believe that I am one of those mom's that left a child somewhere. Just had to share my redneck moment with all my friends and family.

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Monkey Business

Monkey Business
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