Monday, March 14, 2011

It's a crazy life

The last 2 weeks have been a little "crazy" around the Moffat home. With 3 of the 5 kids getting sick and the grand opening of my Facebook store. Crazy Mama's Hair Accessories and more We have been a little busy. Here are some of the high lights from the last month or so. This is just a sample of the items you can find at our store. I am trying my best to keep my store afforadable to all. I would love to hear what you think. This last week was kind of hard on one little girl. Mylee had been sick for almost 2 weeks with what we call the crud. Her tubes had been draining and she was still not getting better so last Thursday, March 10th we took her to the doctor to see if there was anything going on besides the crud. They tested her for RSV, FLU and strep it all came back negative. We were happy thinking all was OK she did have an ear infection that was not going away so the doctor prescribed Mylee an antibiotic cephalexin. Mylee took her first dose Thursday night and seemed fine. But by Friday night we had noticed a rash threw her hair and all over her main body. Fist thought was a contact rash when we call the doctor. So we gave her one more dose. After a sleepless night again as she had not slept well Wednesday, Thursday and now Friday night. I thought nothing of it. At 5:30 am Saturday morning after being up with her for over an hour I turned on Dora and let her watch it. I left the room so she would not want mom. 30 minutes later I found her asleep on the floor. I must say she does not look confortable. If only I had realized that she was breaking out in a rash inside and out. When she woke up we ended up taking her to the ER for her rash. It was so bad that she had to be put on steriods and breathing treatments along with zantac for her tummy. Poor girl. She is now offically allergic to Penicillin and Cephalexin to major antibiotics. Made for along week end. I just can wait to not have to give her meds again. She still has an terrible cough. On top of it all in the last 2 weeks she has cut all 4 top teeth. She is now up to 7 teeth. Yes we are still breastfeeding but some days I wish she would wean. Just over a week ago Marcus was invited with some stars of his school to lead the pledge at the City council meeting. They even took their pictures with the mayor. He thought it was great. March 2nd was Dr. Seuss' Birthday. Madison for school was asked to dress up like her favorite Seuss thing. We did Cindy Lu hoo. I think she looked great. Mylee had to dress up to and she is the Birthday bird. People all over had to comment on how well she looked. She had fun. With it. The following week. They had the Cat and the Hat at story time. Madison was on cloud 9. Mylee was not sure what to think. Plus she was not feeling the best. Over all we have had a crazy busy March so far. So happy that most are happy and healthy now. We are looking towards Miles 11th Birthday and to the start of Baseball season in April. May we all count our many blessings and be grateful for what we have. In the wake of Japan. We thank our lucky stars that we are still here and have all our kids and family. Our hearts and prayers go out to all affected by all that is going on in Japan. For all who have lost family, homes and more.


Laura and crew said...

So sad for Mylee! Its always hard to know if their symptoms are 'normal' or if its a sign of something worse. So glad you figured out what was wrong and she'll be ok. Love the Dr. Seuss day and I'm gonna have to check out the store.

Grandma Hungerford said...

Sick children are never a fun thing to have. I love the pictures with Dr. Seuss. I know that Marcus had a great time. Keep up the good work.

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Monkey Business
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