Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Good Friends=Family in our house

Today I had one big surprise from one of my good friends. Tara E. made Mylee a large blanket. With some guidence from Michelle L. It is Tara's first quilted blanket. It is big enough that she will be using it when she is 16. She can cuddle up in it and love it. I love it. As you can see it is large gorgeous and a one in a Million blanket. It brought me to tears when she brought it to story time to day. I was wondering why it was so important that I go to day. It was because my friend loved me and Mylee so much that she spent her free time making some thing our family could cherish forever. Thanks a million Tara you made my day. Thanks Michelle for helping her and donating the fabric. We love it.


The Archibalds said...

It's gorgeous! So thoughtful.

Teresa said...

What wonderful friends. It looks so comfy.

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Monkey Business
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