Monday, September 27, 2010

Football and Food storage

To say the least our life has been a little crazy. Between football, school and scouts I have had no time to even fold the laundry. So of course the blog is a little out of date. This was Miles' first year of football. None of us had any idea what we were getting our selves into. Miles is #56. He loves to play. His whole team was sad when they lost their first play off game. Many tears came Thursday night when the foot ball season was over I was so torn. Part of me wanted to see them make it too the super bowl. But on the other side I was kinda happy to say that today is Monday and after I get done cross guarding at 4 I will come home and not leave again until Tuesday morning. It has been a long time since we had a night were we did not have football. To all the mom's with little boys that want to play. Just remember it takes 4 nights a week of games and 2 hour practices. It is a wonderful sport but be prepared to not be home. Besides football I have been busy filling my fave room in the house. The food storage room. There have been many steals and deals in the last few weeks. My wonderful husband has taken the time to clean and organize or food storage room. So I thought I would share with you were I put all or food storage. I am lacking in a few departments. Can you guess what we still need more off?? Sorry I don't know why they came out a little fuzzy. Yes we need a bigger freezer. I wish I could find whole grain noodles on as good of a deal as I have found Cereal, fruit snacks and the rest of the stuff. . All in all I think I hope I have at least a 6 months supply of food for my family. My husband says I need to stop but we keep eating so I keep finding the deals and steals.

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Laura and crew said...

Holy smokes! You have a mini-albertsons in your house! That's incredibly impressive...although I see no chocolate. Is that what you need more of?

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