Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fall fun

After a super busy October, we had to cancel our family pictures. So on Friday with the kids out of school, I decided to see how I would do at taking their pictures at a local park. These pictures are Jim's all time favorites. Marcus is on the rock. He made up his own pose.
Sweet Madison was a little scared due to her big brother telling her their were coyotes out there. But she did great on this one.
Mason is one of the hardest to get his smile to look kinda normal. But he is so cute any ways.
Miles on the fence. The kids had fun taking pictures here.
All in all it took me almost a hour and we had some fun. They may not be professional but I think they will do. Maybe next year with a new baby and all we will finally get a family one done. If you want to check out all the poses they are in my photo album on facebook.


Laura and crew said...

Cute pics. I like the simpleness of them because you can see their personality more. Good job!

Jenny said...

I love your pictures. You make a great photographer.

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Monkey Business
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