Monday, October 5, 2009

Snow, Cany Apples and Conference

What a great weekend. The last 3 days have been up and down. But after being able to listen to General Conference. We all feel a little better, even if Jim's car died. I loved the talks and it seems as if they all were trying to united us as families. What an uplifting Conference.
The kids even got in on the great Conference.
I don't know how much they listen or if they just listen for the words on their bingo cards. Either way. The younger ones made it threw one hour and had 2 bingo's and Miles and Marcus made it threw 3 hours and had 3 bingo's
On Saturday why Papa and Jim were working on the Dead car trying to revive it, the kids had a great time making Candy Apples.
Marcus said the best part is licking the left over chocolate.
Don't they look yummy. Candy Apples were a hit, but the car was not it is dead unable to repair anymore. We will be sending it to the Car gravy yard soon.
Sunday why we watch General Conference, the wind blew, and it rained , but about bed time it started to snow. The kids were more than a little excited to see 6 inches of snow in the morning.
"Watch out mom, in coming"
I love this look on his face. It is priceless. We are all glad to see the snow. Some have more joy than others. Madison "mom it snowed, now Santa can come" Mason "Mom can I throw snow?" At least he asked I like the look of snow but not ready for another long winter. This is when I miss the Texas winters.


Laura and crew said...

I can't believe there's snow already! And...I loved that you did the conference bingo. We did it in april and it was a hit but I forgot to print out any this time around.

Teresa said...

Love all those pictures, by the way thanks again for moving back to Wyoming so that I could have the privilege of making those candy apples with my grandchildren on Conference weekend. Love you all.

Monkey Business

Monkey Business
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