Saturday, October 17, 2009

Week in review

What a fun and wonderful week our family had all things considered. This is a picture of Madison Teaching Primary to her stuffed animals. Miles had his first basketball game. He did great. I took some pictures but they were all blury. He did great. He scored 4 of the 7 points for his team. Yes they won 7 to 4. It was great. he is really getting a hang of the game.
We were able to spend 2 days at Jim's mom house this week. We came down to let Jim do some hunting with the kids. They had fun hunting with daddy. They looked so cute with their orange vest on. I forgot the camera so no pics :(.
This is Madison all dressed up in her cute attire. She loves going to grandma's house. The kids had fun playing with their 2nd cousins and going "hunting" with daddy. Plus it was fun to get to ride in daddy's new truck.
We did not have any luck finding an Elk, but they did find some deer. They joked that the deer were waving saying ha ha it is not our turn to run now. Go Elk Go.
We may not have seen any Elk on our trip but we were able to see the latest in babies that will call me Great Aunt. Yes that is right to all who did not know, I am a great Aunt. This is Graycee Rose. She is so adorable. She can make anyone baby hungry. Congrats Clinit and Chelsie. All in all it was a great week to be in our family. My mom had sugary and is doing as good as can be expected. We went on a small trip to grandmas and all are still well and breathing. Can't wait to see what next week brings :) only time will tell.

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Monkey Business

Monkey Business
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