Monday, August 31, 2009

First day of School '09

I can not help but melt my heart looking at these pics.
I can hardly believe that the first day of school is here. I am so proud of my three boys, They all went forward to day in faith. Hey were dressed and ready for the new experiences that school would bring
This is the only year all 3 boys will be in the same school.
Miles is on top of the world this year. As he is in 4th grade and it is the top grade in elementary here. He is so excited to make new friends.
After having a hard time choosing what to wear on the first day of school, Marcus chose the Woof here I am shirt. He is ready to conquer 1st grade. I am so proud of him.
Mason is styling in a brown shirt. Is is ready for what ever the first day of Kindergarten has to offer him. I hope and pray he has a great day at school. Thank goodness he only goes for 2 days this week.
Madison is styling in hearts. She only wishes she could go with them today. She does not start school until next week.
All went well and they survived the first day of school. They are so excited to go ride the bus in the morning. We made it threw day one and are ready to conquer the rest of the days.

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Teresa said...

You all look like you are enjoying school and riding the bus. The back packs look like they must be heavy. Sorry that I did not view these pictures earlier but Nana is still trying to get into this new age way of communicating. Enjoy school and learn lots and lots

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Monkey Business
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