Friday, August 28, 2009

School Fashion Show '09

Every year in the Moffat House, right before school starts we have a school fashion show. Letting the kids try on all their new school clothes. As most of it they were more than likely not with mom when it was purchased. It gives them a chance to show off, and get excited for the up coming school year. This years fashion show took place a day earlier than I had planned, but the kids had seen me getting the clothes out of bins and begged to try on their new clothes. So on a Whim we had our '09 fashion show. Staring Madison, Mason, Marucs, and Miles Moffat. Here of sum of the fun shots from the night. Sorry it is so long, but the kids looked so darn cute, and very happy to be getting new clothes.
Madison's out fit of choice. wear purple PJ's Moms light up Christmas socks, her life Jacket and her new straw hat. She is ready for any time of year.
Next you can find Madison chilling at the Mall in her grey footless leggings, brown flowered tunic (by Gymboree) and bright shinny pink shoes. She is ready for a fun day of shopping
Now Madison is showing of her more casual side with a Hannah Montana white T- shirt and blue jeans. She is ready for a day at the Park.
Styling in all Gymboree, Madison has on a blue and white striped sailors shirt with Navy blue leggins with buttons on the sides. She is ready for the ship to come in.
Madison is styling in her dark blue jeans with a brown and floral baby doll shirt. She is ready to go to school. Watch out Mrs. Kari she is a wild one.
Guitars, seem to be the in thing this year. Madison is styling in Grey footless tights and a Blue dress with guitars on it. She is ready to rock it at the next Primary Party.
Brotherly love
Having a ball is one thing that these kids do well. What a cute team. We named them team distruction.
Now is is Mason's turn. He is styling in blue jeans and a blue Pirate shirt.
Team Bro.
Mason is stylingin dark blue jeans and a green striped shirt. He is diffently ready to show the teachers what he is made of.
Wyoming Cowboys here we come. Mason is styling in faded blue jeans and a black Wyoming Cowboys shirt. He is ready for football season. Lets see who wins this year, cowboys or the mini Cougars. We are off and ready for a fun football season.
Mason is ready to rock-it with his sister in his blue rock and roll shirt. He will show the school what he is made of.
Kindergarten here I come. Ready or not. Mason is styling in Crazy 8 jeans and a Crazy 8 shirt. He has the don't mess with me out-fit on.
"Let me tell you what I am talking about" Mason is stlying now in his favorite Transformers Shirt.
Marcus is stylingn in dark blue jeans and his yellowstone shirt. He is ready to show the first grade how it is done Moffat style.
Marcus is styling in his own way, ready for recess his favorite subject at school
If you are wearing spiderman you must act like the Man.
This is the mom's choice out fit. Styling in brown pants a a Natural shirt. With Marcus' bright red shrit, this is surly going to melt all the teachers hearts.
HOW ABOUT THEM COWBOYS. Marcus is ready for the games to begin. Anyone want to wager who will win, COWBOYS OF COURSE
Who says he is not sweat as a orange smoothie. He is styling in his moto cross shirt.
Last but not least is Miles. He towers over his sibling and is a man to be reckoned with. He is styling in a green polo by Crazy 8 and his Crazy 8 pants.
Watch out girls Miles has now arrived. This out fit should surely melt all the girls hearts. A green and blue button down shirt with blue jeans.
Do you think we are ready for football season? Miles is styling in his WYOMING COWBOYS black T-shirt and Blue Jeans.
This is his favoiet shirt. It talks about his 3 faves one being picking on his sister.
Being in 4th grade this year Miles is really the BIG MAN on campus. Elementary school is only K-4 so he is the top of his school.
Mason was having just a little fun

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Laura and crew said...

Looks fun! My kids love dressing up in their new clothes and I love it because all I have to do is sit at the end hall and tell them they're beautiful. :O)

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