Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Snap shots of the last 4 months

It has been sometime since we have posted some pictures of our life. Our lap top does not like to up load pictures. Now that we are in our new house we just need to find the time to set up our other computer and then the blog with be back in business full time. Right now I just went to a girl friends house and up loaded a few pictures. I still need to take more pictures of our house but it is still in shambles with the move and just getting off of bed rest. Enjoy a trip down the last 4 months. Early spring in February. We had fun enjoying the parks. Now we have snow again on the ground.
The Saturday after we moved into our new house Miles had his last pinewood derby. His is the yellow car. He had lots of fun.
The yellow one in the middle. looks like lightning.
On the 25th of April Miles was able to go on a 3 day trip with GATE to teaton science school. He had a blast. Mom had tears in her eyes as she sent her baby on a over night trip.
After, Miles was loaded on the bus the rest of us headed to Utah for the day to go to Chuckee cheese, appointments and get some furniture for our house.
Miles 10th birthday was on March 23. He had it at the Rec Center. They all had a blast.
It was a football theamed party. We played toilet paper football.
Mason's 6th birthday was April 27th. Anyone who knows Mason knows that he eats, drinks and sleeps Mario brothers. My dear friend Tara made these cakes for his birthday, as we had just moved into our house. We think she did a great job. Thanks Tara.
Mason showing off his Birthday present. He loves his color changing race track.
Mason closing his eyes waiting to see what might be his next gift.
WOW a new bike just what he needed.
Baseball season started the first of May. We have all 3 boys playing. Mom has not been able to get pictures of the older 2 boys. We have Mason playing for the Tigers, Marcus playing for the Rays, and Miles playing for the Padres.
Last weekend was Marcus and Mason's turn to have their birthday parties. They did them together. We had a small but fun pirate themed party at our house. I think it went well. Thanks for the help from our extended family.
All in all our life has been filled and blessed over the past few months. We look forward to meeting little Mylee in the next few weeks and to the fun that she will bring. Plus the end of the school year which means camping season and pools are coming our way.

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Teresa said...

It looks like everyone is having a great time. I love the many smiles on my grandchildren s faces.

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